Keep on Christmasing

Today was day three in Christmas celebrations, and my big cook day. I made the full turkey dinner with stuffing, rolls (2 kinds), broccoli, green beans, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Oh, and gravy. It was delish and well received.

I would post some pictures, but I’m seriously too lazy tired to go find the camera. I’ll need to find it though so it can charge for tomorrow’s festivities.

Tomorrow, we head to my mom’s house for the final leg of Christmas. We’ll be missing one of the sibs, which is a little sad, but I don’t think it will lessen the cousin noise too much. It will be another great family day.

Sharing the season with family is important in the House of Hills, and we’re so blessed to have so much family with whom to share it. We love you one and all.

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