Finer Things Friday: Clean Clothes

My washer died on Tuesday. Well, it didn’t totally die, but it won’t agitate. It will fill with water, make this horrible noise, get the motor hot, and then trip the breaker. If I go mess with it, I can get it to spin and drain. However, there is no cleaning going on. And, I have to catch it before it trips the breaker. So, for all real washing purposes, it is dead to me. Dead I say!

Please note that I said it died on Tuesday. For those of you keeping track, that’s right when the Princess was totally well. Remember, she had the stomach bug. What does that mean? LOTS of LAUNDRY! Everything the Princess touched had to be washed. Clean sheets on her bed and the guest bed where she napped some. LOTS of LAUNDRY I say!

My Sweetie took me on an impromptu date last night (the Princess was with Super Grandma – thanks Grandma). We went washer shopping and then to dinner and an event at church. Dinner was free with a gift card, and the event at church was free. It was still the most expensive date we’ve ever been on. But, I got a new washer out of it. However, it can’t be delivered until Monday. MONDAY I say!

All of the above is NOT a Finer Thing. NOT AT ALL. But, it’s life, and I’m not really complaining because things could be oh so much worse.

You know what is a Finer Thing? CLEAN CLOTHES.

I went to the laundromat today and did five loads of laundry. FIVE I say! We only have three people, but remember, the Princes had created a lot of sick people laundry. And, it’s been FREEZING in Atlanta, so lots of multiple layers and fleece. I used five washers and then loaded up these three huge dryers. I brought it all home, and we had a folding party after dinner.

Clean clothes are definitely a FINER THING.

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  1. Clean clothes are a finer thing for sure! Not too long ago our dryer went out and I had clothes hanging everywhere drying, for our family of six it was quite a bit of clothing. I had never been so thankful for the invention of the clothes dryer as I was the day it was fixed!!

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