Works For Me Wednesday: Green Hair

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It’s the day to wear green. And, as with any holiday, the Princess got all into it. She loves holidays and celebrations of any kind. Everything should be a party in her world. It’s actually a pretty fun way to live. Sometime over the weekend she got it in her head that she needed to have green hair for St. Patrick’s Day. Seriously. Green hair. I really think her dear father put the idea in her head, but I can’t be totally sure.

So, she asked me to get her some green hair spray. She wanted green hair. Seriously. I waited a few days to see if it would pass. Nope! She told everyone at school she was going to have green hair for St. Patrick’s Day. She talked about it at the dinner table every night. She wanted green hair. Seriously.

I had two choices as a parent (obviously). I could say “NO! We don’t color our hair on a regular school day. It must be wacky hair day or some such thing.” OR, I could say, “You want green hair? Seriously? Okay.” and go buy some green hair spray. Guess what I chose.

Green hair – it works for me. (As long as it’s not mine.)

In order to get the green highlights look, I sprayed a section and then ran a brush through it so that it spread the paint out. I’m throwing the brush in the dishwasher and hoping the paint will come off the bristles. Her hair is actually a darker green that it appears in the picture, and I did highlights all the way around. She was happy with it, so Mommy was too.

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