Top Ten Tuesday: Things I'm not good at

So, a couple weeks ago I talked about not being able to clean well. I truly can’t even remember how the discussion got started. That comment on here began a discussion between my mother and I on my Facebook page that resulted somehow in the idea that I should do a “Top Ten” list of things I’ve been taught to do, but don’t do well. How is that for a convoluted beginning to this list!

So, here are ten things that I know I’ve been taught to do. I just don’t do them well. Therefore, I rarely do them. Why do something if you don’t do it well.

1. Clean – primarily bathrooms. Terrible at it. Know my mama taught me at some point. It just didn’t stick.

2. Grill – My Sweetie has given me lessons. I’ve read books. The whole thing intimidates me. That is my Sweetie’s job. I don’t grill.

3. Fold Fitted Sheets – Can I hear an Amen! I don’t know how many times I’ve been shown via live person, video, magazine. It doesn’t matter. I cannot fold a fitted sheet well AT ALL!

4. Play golf – My grandpa tried to teach me. He was SO sweet about it. Ya, I’m terrible.

5. Keep on our budget – I keep trying. I really do. And, I’m better. It’s just REALLY hard.

6. Understand those account statements that come from financial people – They truly hurt my head. I do notice whether the total has gone up or down. So, that’s something.

7. Word Press – Oh, it overwhelms me. My Sweetie has tried to explain some stuff. I need to do so much to this here blog, but again, overwhelmed.

8. Apply makeup well – I’ve been to the mall where they show you while they do you up. I can NEVER get it to look that good again, even if I buy all the stuff. So sad really.

9. Fry food – Hot oil/grease. FREAKS me out. I’ve watched Paula Deen. I’ve read “The Joy of Cooking.” Still freaks me out.

10. Fix our house network – We apparently have a house network. With a router. It goes out sometimes. I do everything my Sweetie has told me to do. It doesn’t work. He comes home and looks at it. It’s fixed. SO AGGRAVATING!

I’m sure there are more. There has to be. These are just the ten that came to me in oh about 2 minutes. So ya, there’s more out there.

What are you not good at? It’s okay to admit it. We can’t be good at everything. Right?!

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31 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things I'm not good at

  1. Oh, don’t be scared of the fried food! I was really scared until I tried some of Pioneer Woman’s recipes and for some reason seeing it in pictures the way it’s supposed to look really helps! Her onion string are the BEST!

  2. Tee hee! I like this. Ditto to 1, 4, 5 and 6. A few years ago I perfected the fitted sheet fold after watching Martha Stewart doing it on TV. I swear, my mom and I stood there like morons, practicing folding until we got it right! So now I am OCD about having folded fitted sheets. The rest of the linen closet can be a wreck, but my sheet stacks are always Martha-worthy. Weird. LOL

  3. Frying food is an unnecessary evil – I never taught you how to do that. Guess who maintains the network in our house – Grandma! Your makeup always looks great to me.

  4. Great idea for Top Ten!

    I’m pretty much stink at cooking. I mean, I can follow a recipe (most of the time), but my hubby can come home work and make some crazy veggie pasta creamy yummy something or other and I’m like, “I didn’t even know we had any of this stuff in our kitchen!” Don’t know how he does it. I’m not complaining though!

    • Isn’t that so aggravating. When they can do something you can’t. Guess that’s why we’re supposed to be a team. LOL!

  5. Isn’t it comforting to know we don’t have to be good at everything?! Maybe next week you could do a “10 Things I’m Good At” post! šŸ™‚

  6. Oh, I’m so with you. I love to cook, but hate frying things and also hate having to figure out when chicken is done. I make more overcooked chicken than anyone I know because I’m deathly afraid of not cooking it enough.

    • Chicken and pork freak me out too. I’m forever overcooking pork chops. I think it’s because they are a light meat to start with. It’s harder to tell when they change. I’m so hear you!

  7. oh my word, #2 and #10. Grilling – so my husbands domain. and fixing the network – something to do with pushing a little button with a pen but it’s the same here as you described – my husband looks at it and it works.
    Your list cracked me up.

    • Thanks for coming by! It’s a good thing we have those hubbies around to do those things. A reason to keep them I suppose. LOL!

  8. I always used to say, “My golf scores are like bowling scores, and my bowling scores are like golf scores.” Then I joined a bowling league and learned a few things and won “Most Improved.” Now I just need to work on that golf game! šŸ˜‰

  9. If you ever do learn to fold fitted sheets, maybe you can come and teach me sometime. I usually end up rolling them up like a sleeping bag and putting them in the back of our linen closet where no one can see. They get lost in there.

  10. You’re supposed to fold fitted sheets? LOL I just semi wad them up put them away! How terrible is that? Only hubs and I see them anyway. My MIL irons her sheets I think…. we also call her “Marie” from “Everybody Loves Raymond” so that gives you kind of an idea of her standards!

    I don’t clean my oven well. Meaning, I never clean it!

    I’m actually good at grilling and frying. I love fried food which is why I’m pretty good at it. Not good for the waistline though!

    • Irons them – seriously! Oh my!

      Are you supposed to clean your oven. Had no idea. Might need to look in to that one. LOL!

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