Top Ten Tuesday: Things I'm thinking about…

So, I’ve been absent from the blog world for a couple of days. Did you miss me? Life got a little crazy there and continues to be somewhat so. My company does a conference each year at the end of April. My husband works at our church that does a conference each year the first week of May. So, to say that things have gotten intense and slightly insane at the House of Hills would be much of an understatement. My brain is spinning most of the time. I thought I’d share just a few of the things I’m thinking about.

1. We had a great weekend! My father-in-law and step-mother-in-law were here for a couple days and my niece and nephew were here too. We had an AWESOME time with all of them. I love time with family.

2. My belly is SO FULL. I made a veggie variation of my breakfast quiche recipe tonight for small group, and it was DIVINE. I cooked some onion, green peppers, mushrooms, and baby spinach leaves then used that in place of the sausage in the recipe. Yummy.

3. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore sweets. I broke down and had a chocolate chip cookie on Saturday. Ever since then it’s been really hard not to go into my old habits. Working on it though. I will prevail! Why are sweets so evil?

4. There is SO MUCH to do before the conference. And, I’m not sure how it’s going to get done. But, it will.

5. How do I set Word Press to put up posts while I’m at the conference? I’m sure I can. I just never have. Something new to learn.

6. What am I going to write about to put up while I’m at the conference and when am I going to have time to write it? How do these busy mommies do this so well? Truly, so many amaze me with the quality and quantity of posts they are able to get up each week.

7. When is this pollen ever going to go away? Will my car ever be it’s normal color again? Will my head ever stop feeling like it wants to explode?

8. Where in the world is the Princess’s birth certificate? I need to find it so we can get passports. Did you hear we are going on a cruise?

9. Is this house ever going to sell? More importantly, will I have to make the beds every day for the rest of my life? I hate making the beds. I know, I know. God’s timing. I just wish I knew what He was thinking!

10. How did I ever get so blessed as to have my wonderful husband and daughter? Just thinking about them makes me smile (and maybe tear up). So, so BLESSED!

There you have it. Just a few of the things I’m thinking about.
What are you thinking about today?

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6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Things I'm thinking about…

  1. I can help you with two things. There are other people in your house who could make or learn to make beds. The other is the sweets. There are sweets that are lower in calories. I will give you some recipes just as soon as I get a chance to look them up. Take deep breaths. All things shall pass!

  2. When you’re in WordPress, look to the right where it says Publish Immediately. Click on edit and you can set to whenever. It will change the button to “Schedule” if it’s in the future.

  3. Great list! I think it’s ok to have a little sweets every now and then. But I do understand having one and then it “waking up” your sweet tooth. Easter sure did for me!
    I can’t help you with #6 because I wonder the same thing!
    Welcome back!

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