Top Ten Tuesday: Summer and the Senses

Summer has fully arrived here in the South. Ahhhh… summer. I love summer. I especially love how your senses become even more alive in the summertime. There are certain scents, sounds, sights that totally mean summer – like:

1. Suntan Lotion: We lather it on here at the House of Hills as there is a history of melanoma in the family. It’s a morning ritual for the princess as she’s going to be outside at some point. The smell of suntan lotion just screams “pool” to me.

2. Chlorine: I love how even after she’s taken her shower, the Princess still has that chlorine scent on her skin. Reminds me at cuddle time that she had a fun day.

3. Bug Spray: If we’re out in the evening, the Princess and My Sweetie MUST have bug spray. They both attract biting insects like crazy. Me, not so much. Maybe I’m not as sweet as they are.

4. Lawnmowers: Now, mowing the lawn is one of My Sweetie’s least favorite things to do, but the sound of the lawnmowers going in the neighborhood just mean summer to me.

5. Thunderstorms: We get some AMAZING thunderstorms here in the South. They remind me of the All Mighty Power of God. I love to cuddle in bed with the family and listen to them  outside.

6. Screaming Children: Screaming in a good way. That joyful, unbridled screaming that accompanies lots of fun being had either in the backyard or at the pool.

7. Meat on the Grill: Mmmmmm… grilled meat. There is no better summer smell.

8. Tan Lines: Not my tan lines. The Princess’s tan lines. There is nothing cuter than her little white booty running across down the hall to jump in the shower. I know at some point it won’t be so cute, but right now it still is, and it reminds me of when she was smaller and let me pinch that little white booty.

9. Flip Flops: The sound of flip flops walking down the hall – summer

10. Tastes: There are too many to list – it could be it’s own list. Burgers, Hot Dogs, Corn on the Cob, Watermelon…. You know all those summer foods. Yum!!

So what are your favorite sounds, sights, scents, tastes of summer? What screams summer to you?

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