Works For Me Wednesday: Making Sweet Tea While Traveling

I was traveling this weekend and staying in a hotel. This is not a huge deal, but it’s not something I do often. It’s not something I’ve done since I stopped drinking Diet Coke (well, all sodas) in February. My normal routine when staying in a hotel is having a Diet Coke each morning while I’m getting ready. See, I don’t drink coffee so I need my caffeine somehow. I’ve replaced my caffeine at home with slightly sweet tea. I mean, you can’t really even call it sweet. It’s barely got any sugar in there. Just enough to take the edge off the bitter. So, I had to figure out how I was going to get my tea while at the hotel without running out to a fast food restaurant every day. I came up with a plan.

After I worked out… Yes, I worked out EVERY day I was away. I know. You are amazed. You are in awe. Remember, I’m Losing It! people... I went to the breakfast they had set up in the lobby. I DID NOT get any food. Well, I got a banana. That’s not food. That’s like a side item. I got two cups of hot water and two sugar packets. I had brought tea bags with me. I’m very picky about my tea. When I got back to the room, I grabbed the ice bucket and filled it up. I was now ready to make my slightly sweet tea.

I brewed the tea in the two cups while I showered. It was just the right strength when I was done.

I then FILLED the cup from the hotel room with ice and poured the tea over it. I had my slightly sweet tea for my morning pick-me-up.

As I drank my nice glass of tea down, I would just keep adding ice and more of the hot tea.

It worked for me.

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Yes, I stayed at the Hampton, but they didn’t pay me to have their logo in the picture. I just couldn’t avoid it.

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