The 30 Day Giving Challenge

30-Day Giving Challenge

Those of you who have been reading House of Hills for awhile know that I’m a giver. Seriously, in a major way. I love to give. I love to serve. There are so many places where we can give our time, our resources, our love. There never seems to be a lack of need does there?

So, when I read about The 30-Day Giving Challenge, I was intrigued. A challenge – love those. Giving – love that. This seemed like a win-win all around. Then, I saw the list of bloggers who were leading the challenge. LOVE THEM! What an amazing group of women with incredibly giving hearts. AWESOME LADIES! I’m honored just to be listed on the same website as them. I’m in the blogroll part of the website along with a slew of other bloggers who have accepted the challenge.

The challenge begins November 1st and runs through November 30th. We are challenged to give in some way each day of the month. That’s right – GIVE EVERY DAY! We can give our time, our energy, our money… we just have to give. Then, we are to journal about it. We can journal privately or publicly. My goal is to share as many of my giving opportunities with you as possible.  I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!

In addition to the challenge of giving every day, I’m increasing the challenge for myself. I want to give in ways I’ve never given before. When I give, I usually cook or bake. That’s easy for me. And, I know I’ll do that some this month. However, I want to push myself to step out of my comfort zone, to rely on God to give me strength to try something new. I know by pushing myself and relying on Him, I’ll grow more and learn more.

One BIG GIVE we’re doing here at the House of Hills is my BIRTHDAY PARTY. We are super excited about this and getting things together even now to prepare for it. If you are in the North-Atlanta area and want to come by, I’d love to meet you! This is probably our biggest challenge of the month.

Please note that I said OUR biggest challenge. The House of Hills is in this together. We’ve worked on filling in the planning calendar from The 30-Day Giving Challenge website as a family. Everyone has given ideas, and several of the things we are going to do as a family unit. In fact, my Princess is a little stressed out that all the boxes are not filled yet. She’s a planner like her mommy. I told her we needed to leave some space to let God show us a need. We want to make sure we are glorifying Him in this adventure.

Make sure you click over daily to see how we’re serving those around us. I hope to post each night and include as many pictures as possible. Everything’s better with pictures isn’t it? I can’t wait to see how this challenge unites us as a family in an effort to serve those in need this month. I am praying for God to do amazing things through the House of Hills.



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