Top Ten Tuesday: Tweets in my head

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’m spoiled – rotten. SPOILED. ROTTEN. Well, when it comes to house cleaning anyway. I had a single-mom growing up. She worked one of those amazing, break-the-glass ceiling type of jobs. She didn’t have time to clean. So, we had a cleaning lady or a cleaning couple or a cleaning service. I, um, don’t remember there not being a cleaning day. Ya, spoiled. Also, sadly lacking. Sadly lacking in really learning how to clean a house. Mom says she taught me. She may have. It obviously didn’t stick. I am NOT a good housekeeper. I can cook. I can’t clean.

I’ve even had the luxury of having a cleaning day for a good part of the last eight years. Told you – SPOILED ROTTEN. However, with circumstances the way they are, we currently don’t have a scheduled cleaning day. As in, we don’t have a day somebody else who is going to come in and clean my house. I have to schedule cleaning day, and then I (along with the family) have to do the cleaning. We had one on Saturday.

While cleaning the ENTIRE HOUSE (and why do I not do it in stages for goodness sakes), I composed MANY TWEETS in my head, but didn’t want to sweat all over my phone while typing them during the actual cleaning process. So, I saved them, and then typed them, and thought I’d share them with you Top Ten Tuesday Style! So, here you go. What I was thinking while I was cleaning…

1. “Whenever I clean, I think about shaving my head. Good thing I don’t do it very often.”

2. “Whomever thought of clear Legos did not vacuum on a regular basis.”

3. Princess: Why is it cleaning day? Me: You see that nasty in your tub? That’s why!”

4. “There is nothing like vacuum lines in the carpet to give you a sense of accomplishment.”

5. “I just logged cleaning in as exercise in My Fitness Pal. I figure if I break a sweat, I’m exercising.”

6. “The Princess completed her list of chores without complaint. Why don’t I give her a list more often?”

7. “My Princess is sadly lacking in the knowledge of how to clean a house. Training starts today.”

8. “There is nothing better than clean sheets. Too bad you have to wrestle them on in order to enjoy them.”

9. “I have GOT to find a good cleaning timeline. What is your favorite?”

10. “Hardwood Floors – How do you clean yours?”

And friends, I really would LOVE answers to #9 and #10!

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11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Tweets in my head

  1. LOVE THIS!!! Totally something I would do – I compose tweets in my head all the time.

    And I’m a horrible housekeeper too. I was just thinking the other day that I need to write up a house cleaning schedule so I can stay on top of the mess.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, Kathy. I’m w/you, girlfriend. Not on the maid thing. I never had one of those. But on the i hate cleaning thing.

    Hardwoods? I use some Pledge floor cleaner. But I’ve heard water/vinegar is the best.

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