Cleaning Schedule {Yes, I made one}

We have this amazing little house. It’s a cottage really. It’s cute. It’s small. However, it still gets dirty. Now, there’s not much to the house so I really can clean it all in one day. But, who wants to spend their entire Saturday cleaning the house. NOT I, said the Mommy.

So, I decided to create a cleaning schedule. Handily enough, my bloggy friend Christine over at I Dream of Clean has just released her new new eBook.. So, I snagged that and got to planning.

I printed out the book, (I always do better with paper than the computer. Why is that?) and poured over the sample schedules that she had set up. They were SO VERY helpful. Who ever knew that there were that many things to clean?! Good grief. No wonder my house is a wreck.

After I printed out her master schedule, I jotted down the days of the week on some notebook paper and wrote what I thought could happen on each of those days.

I haven’t tackled everything you can do for monthly, quarterly, and yearly. I’m just not quite there yet. However, I did get the weekly down. Whoop! Then, I made these pretty and fun lists for our family. There is a place for daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly as well as a spot to put the meal plan for that day.

We’ve been using these pretty much every day this week. It’s kept me on track and even better, I get to cross stuff off the list. That’s my favorite. The crossing stuff off. My heart sings when I cross stuff off.

When I get the actual lists more organized, I’ll share them with you. Promise. Right now, they’re just in the experimental phase.

However, you don’t have to wait for me. You can get your very own copy of Christine’s fabulous new eBook!! Yes, you can. AND, you can get it for $4 (rather than $5.99) if you use the code {CleaningSchedulefor4} during check out. Whoop! Love me a bargain.

So quick! Pop on over and get your copy today. It might change your world the way it’s changing mine!

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4 thoughts on “Cleaning Schedule {Yes, I made one}

  1. Funny, I just started a cleaning schedule about a month ago and it has REVOLUTIONIZED my life. And yes, ingot that warm fuzzy glow when it gets crossed off my list on 2Do (my list app).

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