Mission Trip Retreat

Remember how I told you a few weeks ago that the HOH ladies were heading on a mission trip!? Well, it’s almost time! So, today, the group had a retreat to do a little planning and have some bonding time.

I’ll tell you the truth. I was looking forward to seeing everyone. I was NOT looking forward to the part of the day that went with this phrase from the email about the retreat, “Be dressed to be outside most of the day.” Ya, it’s June in GA friends. Outside is not where I want to be unless I’m next to a pool with a cold tea in my hand. And, we were going to be at a local church known for the MASSIVE ropes course and Zip Lines they had on their property. Ya, I don’t do heights as a rule.

Pretty bad attitude, right? Terrible really. Here we are about to go on a mission trip with these people, and I’m all cranky about being in the heat and outside and high up. I knew waking up this morning that I had a bad attitude, and prayed my way through the morning. I didn’t want Maggie to see it, and I really didn’t want to have it.

Here’s what God whispered to me. “You’re over-thinking it. Don’t you think I’ve got this? I love you. I’ll take care of it.”

So, I prepped Maggie and my food. I packed a cooler with TONS of water. I packed a backpack to include sunscreen and bug spray. And, I decided to take my good camera.

And, I’m so glad I did.

Because I got pictures that prove that God’s got it. He is bigger than our greatest worry, and He will teach you something even standing outside on a field in GA in June with sweat streaming down your back.

He’ll teach you that your attitude is mirrored in your child’s. And, when you choose joy, so will she.

Mission Trip Retreat Joy

He’ll teach you that young minds have great ideas too. And, if you give them a minute, they’ll come up with an awesome plan.

Mission Trip Retreat - Strategy

He’ll teach you to stop talking and listen so that you can accomplish a task as a group. Even a good leader needs to follow sometimes. That’s how you maintain your balance.


He’ll remind you that truly there is no bond quite like that of mother and daughter, and that every minute together is a special one. (And, I mean, I had to take a selfie so I could tell the Internets what we were up to.)

Mission Trip Retreat Selfie

He’ll show you once again that the child you birthed is created by Him and for His glory. She has skills I don’t, and I need to remember and appreciate those. (For real, she solved this problem in seconds and walked us through what to do. She was amazed that she was the only one who had the idea. “Mom, wasn’t everyone thinking the same thing?” Um, no Maggie, they weren’t.)

Mission Trip Retreat Tarp

He’ll help you tackle your fears so that you can help the group succeed. (I was seriously terrified of swinging on this silly little rope.)

Mission Trip Retreat Platform

He’ll show you that yes, He can give your child the bravery she needs to actually get on the swing and go up in the air…. even if she doesn’t go far. (I was so proud of her.)

Mission Trip Retreat Maggie Swing

He’ll give me the exact circumstance I need to get over my personal fear of heights and enjoy His creation while enjoying a lovely breeze in my face.

Mission Trip Retreat Kathy Swing

I had a great time today, and I learned a lot, both about Maggie and I and about our fellow team mates. Most importantly, I was reminded that God’s got it.

I don’t have to worry, because He is in control. 

He asks us to only be prepared and do our part. He’ll take care of the rest.

God’s got it!


Maggie and I still need additional support for our trip.
We’re a few hundred dollars short.
To give to Kathy, please visit here.
To give to Maggie, please visit here.

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