21 Day Fix : Day 11

The 21 Day Fix continues! Come along for the ride.

Today was the 2nd to last day doing the early carpool run for camp. Let me tell you… having this shift really messed with my schedule. But, it was worth it as the girl is having a BLAST!

Meal 1: 1 Red
Shakeology (nothing added)

And in the car on the way to the studio no less. Let’s just say it was a rather rushed morning.

21 Day Fix Day 11 Meal 1

Meal 2: 1 Red 1 Purple  1 Yellow
Greek yogurt
Skinny Pop

Thankfully I brought snacks to work.

21 Day Fix Day 11 Meal 2

21 Day Fix Day 10 Meal 4


Meal 3: 1 Red 1 Yellow 2 Tsp
2 Eggs
Oatmeal with Almond Butter

21 Day Fix Day 11 Meal 3


Meal 4: 1 Red
2 Hard Boiled Eggs

Yes, I seem to eat a lot of eggs. They’re just so handy and quick. I should probably reign that in.

21 Day Fix Day 2


Meal 5: 1 Red 2 Green 1 Purple .5 Yellow  2 Tsp
1 Cup Berries
1 Cup Almond Milk
1 Cup Spinach
1 Cup Kale
2 Tsp peanut butter powder

Got my workout in late today (because of the aforementioned crazy morning) so had my packed shakeology later in the day. It really is my after I sweat treat. Excuse the sweaty selfie. We take a lot of those in the challenge group and share them with each other on our private Facebook group. BEST part of doing this 21 Day Fix thing – the Facebook group of awesome ladies I’ve “met.”

21 Day Fix Day 11 Meal 5


Totals for the day:
2 Green (short 3 – ya, that’s not good. Did I mention the bad start to the day?)
2 Purple (short 1)
5 Red 
2.5  Yellow (short 1.5)
0 Blue (short 1)
0 Orange (short 1)
4 Tsp (short 1)

Workout: Elliptical and Weight Machines at the gym.
I realized at about 6pm that I hadn’t worked out. (I told you. Nutty day.) So, I had two choices. I could change clothes and do something about it. Or, I could just ignore it all together. I decided to do something, and I headed to the gym. Sometimes it’s nice NOT to do the DVDs that come with the 21 Day Fix. I mean, I do like Autumn and all she’s taught me, but you can only listen to her talk for so much. So, off to the gym I went. I did 25 minutes on the elliptical and got my heart rate to a nice place. Then, I went upstairs and did the weight machines. I worked. Believe me.

21 Day Fix Day 11 Workout At Gym



  • Don’t ever give up. Ever. This is a journey. And, a crazy day being either at work or with family does not excuse you from taking care of yourself. (Yes, I am writing this down so that my own words can come back to haunt me on a day I want to give up.)
  • Always have a sweat rag. Always.

The 21 Day Fix Series (June 2015)

2 thoughts on “21 Day Fix : Day 11

    • Oh, that’s VERY EXCITING. I might not share those. When are you getting chickens? Because my oh my has the cost of eggs gone up. Oh, and if you come home to lots of zucchini, may I please have some? I want to try making zucchini chips. 🙂

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