• Maggie
  • Spring 2015 Chorus Concert

    Saturday morning was final Imrov Class. Sunday night was Recital. Monday night was the Spring 2015 Chorus Concert. I have to tell you. I LOVE the Chorus Concert. Maggie has had the honor and privilege of being under the direction of one of what I would consider the best choral directors in the state. Miss Grizzle […]

  • Maggie
  • Spring Recital Time!!

    Spring has sprung here at the HOH, and we seem to be dashing off to this thing and that thing to celebrate the end of the year. Last night was the spring recital with Maggie’s voice teacher who also teaches piano. Actually, she teaches more piano than voice, but is AWESOME at both. She’s got […]

  • Faith
  • I don’t get much face time…

    Yesterday, I sat down to write a quick blog post after my Instagram and Twitter feeds received lots of feedback on a picture I had posted. I had taken a gift to my child’s parent/teacher conference, and my friends thought it was a great idea. It appeared blog worthy, and I wanted to share other […]