Top Ten Tuesday : Jasper

Maggie enjoyed playing Jasper in “101 Dalmations” a few months ago. I never shared pictures. So, here you go! There’s ten of them!



Jasper in "Cruella's Fur Vault"

Jasper and Horace (Cast A) in dress rehearsal.

Jasper and her daddy on opening night.

Jasper and Cousin E on opening night.

Jasper and Cousins L and A.

Jasper with Cousin R.

Jasper with Horace and Cruella. Love her smile.

Jasper and Horace hearing Cruella's EVIL plan.

Jasper dancing and singing with Horace and Cruella.

She had SO MUCH fun being Jasper. She LOVES being the bad guy and is currently rehearsing the role of a Hun in “Mulan.” She actually gets to go to Disney World to compete in February with that production.

I think I’m becoming a Drama Mama…. which is really hysterical if you think about it.

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Wordless Wednesday : My CRAZY Girl

I go to an amazing church with an incredible childrens’ ministry program.

I’ve talked about it before.

They’ve provided crazy Family Nights.

They’ve inspired powerful discussions about our salvation.

They are just simply fabulous people who are working very hard to lead the next generation to Christ.

So, when they asked for some help with a video they were making, the House of Hills was glad to take part. They needed us to decorate a HUGE clothespin and then get a family photo next to a flower on a windowsill. Seems easy enough right? It got a little crazy, and in the middle of it all, this video was made.

Enjoy a glimpse into our silliness:

Top Ten Tuesday: Where’d My Baby Go?

This is a picture of the Princess as Thomas O’Malley in a production of “Aristocats” at a local children’s theater last week.

Do you see how big she looks? Do you see? What in the world? What happened to THIS LITTLE GIRL?

Where has my baby gone?

It’s not just the pictures that are telling me my baby is growing up. Oh no. We’ve got all kinds of “big girl” coming out here at the House of Hills. I can tell you that we are literally in the middle of a “tween” invasion.

How do I know?

Oh, let me count the ways…

1. I no longer get a hug and kisses when dropping her off at places without demanding asking for them.

2. She actually cares about what she’s wearing. First time in her life she’s had an opinion. (Yes, I know I should be thankful we’ve gone this long.)

3. She actually cares about her hair. As in the box of all the clips and hair bands and what not that she’s had FOREVER is actually on the counter and in use. She even asks her daddy if she looks “good.” What? What?

4. She’s asking questions, lots of questions, about boys and girls and changes and such. (Yes, this is an entire post unto itself as to how to answer all of them. Maybe it’s a series of posts. Maybe I need to read a series of posts. Anybody got a good series of posts on this?)

5. When we go through the Chick-fil-a drive through, I’m now ordering a #5. I can no longer get the kiddie meal. It doesn’t fill her up. Seriously.

6. She now wants to be an “official” volunteer at church. Why? Because she really likes being with the kids and helping them. No longer is it to be with Mommy. She actually feels like she has a purpose with the kids. (This one is pretty cool I think. And, she’s great with the little ones.)

7. She’s going to be in the fourth grade in a week. THE FOURTH GRADE! What? I taught fourth grade. Those kids are big! Oh my heart.

8. She is only 9 inches shorter than me. Now, I’m short. Let’s just get that out there. However, it is still hard to accept the fact that your child is up to your shoulder. Seriously. Hard.

9. She’s learning to control her emotions. The other day I said something she didn’t agree with. She took a deep breath, thought for a moment and then explained in a reasonable tone why she disagreed with me. Didn’t whine. Didn’t throw a fit. Gave a very good argument. (Again, love this one, but still means she’s getting older. And no, I didn’t give in.)

10. She is becoming more and more helpful, more a part of the House of Hills team. She does what’s asked without complaining most of the time and is even picking up her room every once in a while on her own. She’s starting to see what needs to be done and doing it. Wow!

So ya, my baby is growing up.

That’s what she’s supposed to do right? Grow up.

Sometimes it hurts my heart because I miss the cuddly little cutie that giggled and twirled and said, “Watch me Mommy!”

Other times it hurts my heart because it wants to burst with pride with the young woman she’s becoming.

I guess it’s not so bad… the growing up…

I mean. She’s still my baby right? She’ll always be my baby.

And at night… when she’s tired… she still crawls in my lap and cuddles.

And it is pure bliss.

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Cousin Time – The Other Side

Last week, the Princess had Cousin Time with my side of the family. This week we’re going to the beach with My Sweetie’s side of the family for some MORE Cousin Time. When we go to the beach with this side of the family, we stay with My Sweetie’s dad and step-mom’s. The kids have a blast together.

Spring Break 2008

Spring Break 2009

They weren’t able to go to the beach together in 2010 due to scheduling conflicts so we are VERY EXCITED we can get them together this year.

Hanging with these cousins is totally different for the Princess than with the other cousins. On this side, she is the youngest (although the girls are only eight weeks apart). That means they can play harder and longer and crazier.


What do you to get your kids together with their cousins?

It’s Callaway Time Again!

This was the back of my mother’s van last Saturday morning. Five of the seven grandchildren on their way to Callaway Gardens in middle Georgia.

Last year, they took four grandchildren. Next year, all seven will be “eligible” to go. (You have to be fully potty trained and willing to be away from mommy and daddy for a week.)

I love to hear the stories when The Princess (she’s the one on the right) returns. She has SO MUCH FUN on this trip each year. She gets lots of great time with Grandma and Gramps, but even more importantly she gets time with her cousins. She LOVES her cousins….loves them. I think she appreciates and enjoys them more because she’s an only child. This is one of the few times of year that she gets to be rowdy and crazy with kids all day long.

Cousin time at Callaway Gardens…it’s a FINER THING!

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Finer Things Friday: Moving In

The purchase of our new home was finalized on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the Princess and I moved the majority of the kitchen – just to go ahead and get it over there. I took two pictures of the event – both with my phone – both not amazing. Both bring tears to my eyes. They are seriously “finer things.”

Look closely and you will see the finer things.

1. All those bags – the Princess carried them ALL in herself.
2. All those baskets – the Princess carried them ALL in herself.
3. The box she’s unpacking – my spices. She unpacked, organized and put them all away.

Look closely and you will see the finer things.

1. The Princess unpacked ALL the bags and put things on the shelve.
2. She made groupings of things that “went together”

The Princess was SO MUCH HELP on Wednesday. Seriously! She blew me away. It was definitely a finer thing…

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Things I Love Thursday: Girl Cousins

I’ve talked about the girl cousins before… last year as a matter of fact, but I just can’t help sharing a few more pictures.

This relationship continues to amaze me. I don’t have a girl cousin. (Well, not one that I’m close with at all.) I don’t have a sister. I have a step-sister and a half-sister, but we never lived together or even in the same city. So this relationship between the Princess and E fascinates me. It fills my heart so much it wants to burst at times. I LOVE to watch it unfold. I KNOW it is a relationship that will last a lifetime. It is a relationship that will get them through many trials together. It is something I truly LOVE!

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Works for Me Wednesday: Sledding without a Sled

In case you haven’t heard, there has been just a bit (like half a foot!) of snow here in the ATL. And people, it ain’t going nowhere! As in, we are all snowed in, which isn’t a bad thing really. The first snow day we had a TON of fun sliding down the hill on the golf course, so we headed out there for a second day.

The problem was, the nice neighbors who had lent us their awesome sleds weren’t out, so we had to use our own stuff. I have an great sled with runners from back in the day, but this snow wasn’t good for that type of sled. We needed something slick that distributed the Princess’s weight evenly so it would go fast.

So, we tried….

A swim ring.

A boogie board from our last beach trip.

A pool boat for toddlers.

The verdict – the pool boat worked the best, especially when weight was distributed across the sides and no booty was in the boat. Then, another neighbor came out with his two girls, a can of silicone spray and two trash can lids. We shared our pool floats, and he shared his silicone spray, and they got some good speed going down the hill.

Sledding without a sled… it works for me… and it works for her too…

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Snow Flurries in the ATL

We had snow flurries. That’s exciting!! Exciting enough to take pictures!! Exciting enough to share them with you!!

Catching flakes on her tongue outside church. She was jumping for joy at the flurries.


“Look Mama! Snow”


Look at all that snow at her feet. It’s almost a blizzard!
Yes, I’m being sarcastic.


Enough to make the gloves wet!

So, all my Yankee friends and relatives you can make fun of us here in the South now. However, I will say that a Southern child’s joy at even the fewest flakes is something to behold and a lot of fun to experience.

Just to get you in the Christmas cheer. Here’s a picture we took at church yesterday. My former neighbor Lare of Stuart Lawrence Designs decorates the church every year. He does an amazing job.