Chocolate World

Maggie and Mommy are in Pennsylvania for the Nestleroth (Mommy’s Mommy’s side) family reunion.  The family is not far from Hershey so Maggie and Mommy went to Chocolate world today.  

Mommy was so excited – an entire building devoted to chocolate.  Absolute heaven!!  Mommy and Daddy had been there about eight years ago, but much has changed since then.  There is a new 3D show that made Maggie just squeal (literally) with delight.

We had a little glitch in the movie so they gave us free passes to see it again.  So, we got to experience it twice!

Then, we went on a fun trolley ride where we learned lots of neat things about Mr. Hershey, his factory, and the town.  The “conductors” were hilarious.  One of them kept “getting off” and reappearing as various historical characters.  It was a fun ride. Mags wanted to do it again, but we didn’t get a free do-over on that one so Mommy said no.  
Then we went back into the building where Maggie got to be a factory worker and package her own box of Hershey Kisses.  She actually will eat a Hershey’s kiss (not a big sweets fan) so Mommy thought this was a good one.  She of course loved it – got a cool hat, a name badge, and box of kisses plus some cute pics.
After lunch, we FINALLY got to go on the actual “factory tour” part of the building.  They’ve now made this into a ride where you sit down and travel through an explanation of how it all works with machines there to show you the different parts.  It was pretty neat.  Maggie thought it was awesome so we rode it THREE times!  Luckily, that part is free.  🙂
We of course traveled through the gift shop after every ride – amazing how everything ends at the gift shop.  We’re not talking a small gift shop.  This place was HUGE with the food court area attached.  We did a little shopping, but Mommy cut Maggie off when she wanted to buy something for everyone in the extended family.  
One more funny from the day.  It’s getting later in the afternoon, and Maggie says she’s hungry. I’m looking around wondering what to offer her.  I say “What kind of hungry – meal hungry or snack hungry?  There are cookies, cupcakes, ice cream…”  She comes back with “I’m strawberry hungry mama.  Do they have any good food – I want strawberries.”  Only my child.  She settled for a big container of milk – white milk not the chocolate kind that comes in the souvenir cup. I actually laughed at her for that one.

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