Nestleroth Reunion – Day 1

June 21, 2008

The Nestleroth family is Kathy’s maternal Grandfather’s family.  Kathy and her brother, Bill, used to spend several weeks up in Pennsylvania during the summers with their mom’s parents.  The annual Nestleroth family gathering almost always fell during that time, and Kathy and Bill enjoyed seeing their second cousins several times each summer while growing up.   Since the grandparents’ generation has passed on, the cousins have taken it up on themselves to gather with their families every other year in Pennsylvania.  Kathy’s Aunt Hazel and Uncle Mark (picture right) host the event, and do an amazing job.  Kathy’s family usually goes up a few days early to help out as much as possible and do some extra visiting.  The actual reunion celebrations are planned for Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday morning started with a pie crust making demonstration done by Aunt Hazel.  Maggie, Mommy, and Cousin Meghan were very interested in learning how Hazel makes her great crusts.  As you can see by the picture, Maggie had a wonderful time playing the flour and rolling
 the dough.

Once lunch was had, the third cousins had a wonderful time on the slip and slide.  They had the grown ups laughing from their lounging spot in the shade.  There is nothing better on a summer day than a slip and slide!!! While the younger cousins were sliding, the older cousins enjoyed bocci ball, badminton, croquet, and horseshoes.  The older ones were very patient with the younger guys when they wanted to play the other games too.  

The day ended with a Wii bowling tournament where Maggie Hill did some major domination with the Wii controller.  She won two rounds quite handily.  Cousin Michael (age 18) finally came in and beat her, but not by much. The funniest thing to watch was Michael’s fear that she actually might beat him as she was leading until half way through the game.  🙂 
It was a wonderful day, and Maggie sank into the bed with a smile on her face and was asleep in minutes.

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