Nestleroth Reunion – Day 2

June 22, 2008

The Nestleroth family fun continued the next day at Kathy’s cousin Stacy’s house.  Stacy is Kathy’s closest second cousin in age, and they used to spend some time together each summer when Kathy would visit her grandparents.  Stacy’s family has a pool in their

backyard so Mags was very anxious to hang out there.  Stacy also has a daughter who is a year or so older than Mags.  They were the only two younger girls there that day so they had tons of fun 
playing together.  The picture to the right is the girls sunning with Cousin Callie.  
We had a wonderful time visiting some more, eating more good food, and just hanging out together.  We agreed that the reunion is a wonderful thing, and we are so glad we do it.  Kathy’s mom suggested that the next reunion be in Atlanta so that folks can come see the South.  The idea was met with a great deal of enthusiasm, so it looks like that will happen in 2010.  Let the planning begin.  Seriously, we are already working on menus.  
One more note about the reunion.  We had many teenagers there, and I have to thank all of them for being so patient and loving with the littler kids.  Little kids (especially Maggie) want to be wherever teenagers are and do whatever teenagers are doing.  They are absolutely fascinated by these bigger people who aren’t adults, but aren’t really kids either.  Maggie just adored all the older kids, but has a special place in her heart for Meghan.  What Maggie doesn’t remember is how much she loved Meghan two years ago, and the adoration continued this year.  Meghan was fabulous with it, and I can’t thank her and the other teenagers enough.  So, a special thanks to my younger second cousins who truly understand family and sharing themselves with others.  It was such a pleasure to get to spend time with you at the reunion.

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