First Day of First Grade

We have started “real” school in the House of Hills. Maggie began first grade today, and it is VERY different than kindergarten.
Maggie went to Meet and Greet last Thursday and was SO EXCITED to start school. This morning finally came, and Mommy drove her to school so she could take pictures. Maggie walked in the classroom and didn’t look back. I didn’t even get a good-bye kiss. There are several kids from the neighborhood in her class as well as her good friend, Kate, from church. She was allowed to sit by Kate today which was a major treat.

Mags got off the bus this afternoon looking pretty worn out. When I asked if she had a good day, she said, “Not really. We had to just sit there a lot.” I tried very hard not to smirk as I thought, “Welcome to real school kid.” 
When we got home, we immediately started our new routine and made sure all the papers went in the right place and everything got unpacked.
Mommy had set up a homework area for Mags on the dining room table across from her computer so they could work together.  Maggie wanted to do homework right away so we sat down to do that as soon as possible. She had even brought a text book home! Talk about REAL school! She has vocabulary and spelling words and will have two tests this week – Thursday vocab and Friday spelling.  

After discussing the day some more, we discovered that it wasn’t so boring, just very different from Kindergarten. She told us a lot about her day, and seemed to think it was actually pretty good. She is anxious for tomorrow when it won’t be as much of “the teacher just telling us stuff.”
Trying to fall asleep tonight was VERY difficult.  It took her almost an hour and a half to calm down enough to fall asleep. She came out and complained “I just keep having thoughts in my head. I can’t stop thinking about stuff.” I totally empathized and let her finish her chapter book, which seemed to do the trick as it is finally quiet up there. The girl is very much like her mama.

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