Top Ten Tuesday: Must Get Done

So, Christmas is ummmm next week. And, I am NOWHERE near ready. Like seriously NOT EVEN CLOSE. And, I have this job that has some pretty important deadlines coming up (like they do at the end of every month). So, it’s a work from home day where I am planning on multi-tasking to the MAX! I can read text while cookies are in the oven – right!??

So here is my list of things that ABSOLUTELY must get done in the next twenty-four hours. (Notice I didn’t say today. I’m giving myself a little grace to get up early tomorrow and finish what doesn’t get done.)

1. Christmas baking – I’m planning on gift giving some holiday yumminess tomorrow, which means that today some yumminess must come out of my kitchen. I’ve already done some of these cute candies and brownies. Today – cookies.

2. Christmas card – I usually send out about 120 cards. However, I haven’t even ordered the card yet – that’s high on the list for this morning. The hardest thing – picking out which adorable picture of my daughter to use. If she just wasn’t so stinking cute.

3. Address labels and stamps – Ya, once you order the cards, you need to figure out who you’re sending them to. And, then there is postage. Gotta get some stamps. Only time of year I actually use stamps.

4. Laundry – This is always on the list on work from home day – nothing exciting about that.

5. Read to my daughter’s class – It’s my day to read to a fabulous group of second graders – main reason it’s work from home day. Now, which Christmas classic to read to them….

6. Work – Ummm, that’s pretty much self explanatory. It’s got it’s own list – and it’s long. **shudder**

7. Wrap Presents – My daughter’s words when she saw the tree this morning, “Mom, there still aren’t any presents under the tree but mine to you.” It was is in the saddest voice too. *sigh* Made me sad. So, presents there will be by the time she gets home (I hope).

8. Calendar – Daughter dear is out of school next week and mom and dad are still needing to work. Gotta calendar where she’s going and what she’s doing during the break. Can’t believe I haven’t done that already. Good grief!

9. Listen to Christmas music – Well, this isn’t a must, but I do love Christmas music, and it calms me. Looking at this list, I might need to be calmed.

10. Remember – The reason for the season. As in, I need to sit with my Bible for a minute and remember why we celebrate this time of year.

And to leave you with a smile for the day. Here’s my sweet daughter’s Santa picture. I did manage to get that uploaded to the computer last night.

Maggie with Santa 2009

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10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Must Get Done

  1. Reading your list made me realize I need to make my own Top Ten Things that Must Get Done! UGH! It’s amazing how busy things can get at Christmas. I’m glad you included #10…it makes getting everything else done on the list a little easier (and if you don’t get them done, it helps you realize that in the whole scheme of things, you did what was most important!

  2. Oh girlie! You need to get ON it! I thought I was WAY behind, but I don’t have a job and deadlines!! Just know that you’ve given me a little peace ~ thanks ; )
    Super great list! Love the Santa – he’s a good one!

  3. Wonderful picture! Maggie is precious! Thank you for including reading to the second graders in the top ten! WE appreciate that very, very much!

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