Cousins – one of God’s greatest creations. I love when the cousins get together. I wasn’t lucky enough to (1.) have many cousins (at least until my mom got remarried) and (2.) live anywhere near the ones I had. I’ve always been jealous of folks with lots of cousins who have memories of these fun people from birth and who can share stories from way, way back. I love listening to the family’s “remember when” stories. We still hear about the time my mom kissed her cousin Mark in the pig pen when they were like 8, and they’re … well, they’re much older now. Cousin stories always seem to be the best stories.

So, needless to say, we really try to foster the relationships that Maggie has with her cousins. We see the ones on my side more often than those on David’s because they live closer, and they get together at my mom’s house on their overlapping days. (One day I’ll share the sweet deal I have with my mom. It’s awesome.)

At Christmas, we try to see them all. And it always ends up as days slammed full of cousins. I LOVE it! Here are just a few of the MANY pictures I took over the last few days. Love, love, love, the cousins…

Cousin Gray and Mags

Do you have a favorite cousin memory/story?

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