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We’re back from our quick couple getaway in Tennessee. We had an AMAZING time, and ate AWESOME food. I want to tell you all about it, but to do that I need the pictures. And, the good ones are on my husband’s phone. And, he’s gone to bed. And, the phone is his alarm so I don’t want to risk messing anything up. I’ll try real hard to get to it tomorrow.

Let me just say this: If you are married, and have children, and have not left them and gone to be on your own for a couple of days, I HIGHLY recommend taking a short little getaway. We have a pretty strong marriage – good communication, date nights, time alone, but both of us commented on how WONDERFUL it was to just date for a couple days. Like it was way back when.

Anyway, on to to my post:

If you haven’t already heard, I’m taking part in an Eat from the Pantry Challenge started by and These ladies have gotten a whole slew of bloggers working to save money and use up their stores in the month of January. I have my own reasons for wanting to clean out everything – like hopefully moving at some point – and you can read about my reasons and goals here.

Tonight, I took an inventory of my pantry. You can’t use everything up if you don’t know what you have! I’d already inventoried my freezer so that list was done.  Combining it with my pantry list, I now know what I truly have on hand. Here’s what’s in the pantry.

Canned Goods:

Cream of Mushroom – 9

Cream of Chicken – 7

Evaporated Milk – 1

Refried beans – 1

Chicken Broth – 1

Beef Broth – 1

Petite Diced Tomatoes – 2

Rotelle – 1

Tomato Paste – 1

Pumpkin – 4


Dill Pickles – 3

Corn, Black Bean Salsa – 6

Spaghetti Sauce – 2

Chili Sauce – 6 (GREAT deal after Christmas)

Italian Dressing (for marinade) – 4


Pasta – lots of various

Stovetop Stuffing – 3

Uncle Bens Long Grain Wild Rice – 3

Brownie Mix – 2

Cake Mix – 3

Cookie Mix – 2

Crackers – 3 various

Ice Cream Cones – 1

Cereal – 5 various




Rice – various bags

Icing – 6 tubs

Hot Cocoa Mix – homemade – yum!

Marshmallows – 5 bags mini (GREAT deal after Christmas)

Plenty of baking items for the month

Chips – plenty for the month

I’m working on a menu plan for the month as I watch tonight’s football. Let’s see what I can come up with. I can already tell I’m going to have to buy some green beans. That’s one of the few veggies the Princess of Picky will eat. And, I’m out!

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