Pear Muffins

Muffins, muffins everywhere!!! What do I do with all these muffins that I make? Well, some I give away (I’m taking a dozen of these to church today), some I eat (YUMMY!), some I freeze to eat later (YUMMY later!), and some I freeze to give to a family in need at a later time. Muffins are GREAT for new moms – they’re such a quick snack.

I found a pear bread recipe about a year ago when I bought a basket of produce from a co-op – I was filling in for someone. In the fabulous basket of produce were LOTS of pears. The House of Hills are not big pear eaters so I had to find something to do with them. So I searched and found this recipe. It made two beautiful loaves of bread.
Well, I prefer muffins to bread any day. Easier to freeze. Easier to eat. So, this weekend, I made the bread recipe into muffins. They turned out DIVINE!
I adjusted the baking temperature to 400 and baked for 17 minutes.
You should try them. They are so YUMMY!

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