Top Ten Tuesday: February 2010

Somehow it is already February of the year 2010. I’m truly not sure how this happened. I seem to have missed several days here and there because HOW IS IT ALREADY FEBRUARY??!!

Okay, now that I’ve go that off my chest, there are several things that I’m looking forward to in the month of February 2010. Let’s look at them together shall we?

Feb 2nd – LOST – There really is nothing else to say. Life has started again.

Feb 6th – Seeing John Ortberg at a church dinner for small group leaders. I love my church. They so equip their leaders.

Feb 9th – Reading to the Princess’s class. I love reading to her class. It’s so much fun. And, I scratch that “I used to love being a teacher (well parts of it) itch.”

Feb 11th – Consumer Day with the Princess. I can’t wait to see what all the second graders have made to “sell.” We’ve been working hard on the Princess’s product.

Feb 12th – Chaperone for the Princess’s field trip. I think we’re going to see Cinderella – the play. This would not be something I miss from teaching. In fact, field trips are NOT my favorite, but I’ve got teacher eyes, which means they don’t stop moving -EVER, and that makes for a good chaperone. Plus, the Princess loves that I come with her. So, I go every year.

Feb 14th – Valentine’s Day – The day to shower love on My Sweetie and the Princess. I remember in college I boycotted and wore black. Now, it’s a big event, and I don’t wear black.

Feb 16th – Soccer practice starts for spring season. The Princess LOVES LOVES LOVES her soccer team. She will be so excited, so it will be fun to watch. I love watching her in joy mode.

Feb 17th – House of Hills’ Girl Day – The Princess is out of school all that week. This is going to be our girlie day – nails, lunch, and shopping.

Feb 26th – Date Day – The Sweetie has Fridays off. Every once in awhile I like to take one off and spend it with him. I’m putting this one on the calendar NOW!

Have you got great plans for this month?

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0 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: February 2010

  1. Thanks for stopping by. Your month sounds fun and lovely. I am hoping to turn the blog into a book. So I can keep it for years to come. It is a little expensive so I need to shop around alittle. Or maybe copy and paste and do one on lulu or with a free photo book from all those photo sites.

    Blessings this month! 😉

    • I laughed when I read your comment. I look at that and don’t think we’re too busy. LOL! Maybe I need a schedule adjustment. 🙂

  2. Ooo! Another Mom who love to read!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and in case you didn’t see I’ve started Feed Me Books Friday where moms recommend books via a post and come link up.

    I’ve already got a great “to read” list from visiting all the links not to mention all the fun moms and blogs I found.

    I hope you’ll consider joining us some Friday.

    Sounds like you really love spending time with family. That’s awesome!

  3. Another date to put on your February calender, MY BIRTHDAY!! (he he, ok, maybe that goes on MY calender!) Other than that, we’re looking forward to our BIG Disney trip at the end of the month! Super fun list! I’ll have to remember this for next months Top Ten Tuesday!

    • Happy Birthday! It’s my mom’s birthday month too.
      And Disney – that’s an awesome end to any month, day, year… LOVE me some Disney. We go every fall.

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