Snow Fun 02.10

Well, we did it. We let the Princess (who has been sick with the stomach bug) go outside in the snow. Her one wish was to actually be able to throw snow at Mommy and Daddy. That’s what she really wanted to do. The storm in January didn’t provide much actual snow, and this storm was all snow – she measured 3 inches with the ruler. So, it was perfect for throwing at one another. We had a great time outside as a family for about twenty minutes before the Princess decided that she really was tired and needed to come back inside.

I was so proud of her for listening to her body and not pushing it. We are thankful to say that she is sleeping comfortably tonight after having kept down water, rice, and a roll. Thanks to all who were praying for her recovery. We felt those prayers here at the House of Hills.

Enjoy the pictures!!

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