Top Ten Tuesday: Blogs I Read

Please know that I read more than ten blogs. Like WAY MORE than ten blogs. However, some stick out at me more than others. Some were in my Google Reader first, and will probably always be there.

I’ve been really blogging since Thanksgiving. Sure, I did a post here and a post there before Thanksgiving, but since then I’ve been much more consistent both in my writing of posts and my reading of blogs. Here are some of my favs:

1.OhAmanda – She got me into the whole blogging thing really. I am blessed in that I get to see Amanda IRL most Sundays at church. In hearing her talk about her blog, I became interested in reading what she had to say and then she would link to somebody else’s blog, and I would read that one and then another link and so on and so on. You could say she sucked me into this blogging world. And, I thank her for that.

2. Once A Month Mom – I LOVE the entire concept of cooking in large quantities and freezing meals. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And, I have really become a huge fan of Tricia, who is the once a month mom. She is so open, a great writer, and just plain AWESOME.

3.The Pioneer Woman – She is AMAZING. I could spend hours on her blog. Seriously – hours. Her story is great. Her cookbook inspiring. I know she is probably someone I’ll never meet, but I can just stalk her from afar.

4. $5 Dinners – Have you noticed how much I go toward the cooking blogs…hmmm…What does that say about me. I won Erin’s cookbook on her blog, and LOVE it. Imagine, dinner for your family for $5. By reading her blog, I’ve gotten to know Erin too, and really admire her as a person.

5. Savvy Blogging – There are some posts on here that I only part way understand, because I’m just not that smart, but these ladies KNOW THEIR STUFF. If you want to know more about how to make your blog bigger, badder, and better, head over there.

6. It’s Come 2 This – I got to “know” Mandi through OhAmanda because these Sisterchicks talk about each other all the time – it’s AWESOME the way they do life together. We started following each other on Twitter, and now I feel like I have a new friend. I also feel like I know The Violet Fig and Simply Staci, two more Sisterchicks, because of their blogs and all their linking to each other. The Sisterchicks – they rock.

7. Money Saving Mom – I started reading this blog because Crystal co-sponsored the Pantry challenge in which I participated during January. She has TONS of great deals every day.

8. Life As Mom – The other sponsor of the Pantry Challenge, Jessica has awesome advice for living well, life as a mom. I feel like I learn something new from her at least once a week. She also owns the blog Good (& Cheap) Eats, which has GREAT recipes for the frugal cook.

9. Cooking During Stolen MomentsAMAZING recipes that you can actually do in your home without racing out for ingredients. Kate is a smart mom, with a great idea. Get the bulk of the cooking done before 1pm. Then, dinner time is not chaos!

10. The Finer Things in Life – Amy was kind enough to let me guest post yesterday. Thanks AMY! She has a MULTITUDE of great things going on over on her blog. I love popping over there just to see what she’s got to say each day.

11.The Mawmaw – Carolyn almost always does a Top Ten Tuesday, and they are always HILARIOUS. She reminds me a bit of my mom and a bit of my grandma. Definitely someone I would enjoy just sitting at the kitchen table and just talking to.

That’s it. That’s ten (plus a few) of the blogs I read. Like I said, there are many many more, but these people have become “friends” – ladies that I admire, respect, and sometimes just plain adore. Some Most probably don’t even know who I am, but that’s okay. They have touched my life, and I am thankful that they are sharing their life with me (and thousands of others) through their writing.

For more Top Ten Tuesday, go see my friend Amanda at

0 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Blogs I Read

  1. It looks like we share similar tastes in bloggers!

    Although sometimes they are just so amazing it leaves me wondering. “Why am I blogging? Maybe I should leave it to these girls.”

    But everyone has a unique voice and message and that’s part of the fun too!

  2. Wow! I made your list! Next time you’re in the Nashville area, come on by. We’ll grab some ice tea, max and relax on the deck, and talk! That’s what we Southern girls do.

  3. Great list! I’m always on the look out for cheaper and easier cooking ideas. Especially for the weekends since that seems to be our down fall. We eat out too much! I also like Oh Amanda and It’s Come To This. They are sweet and comment and reply back. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but mommy blogging world can be a little ….cliquish. Many of the blogger don’t reply to comments, comment back or reply on Twitter. I’m not talking about bloggers with a huge amount of followers either!
    Have a great day!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog :o)

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