Things I Love Thursday: Princess Swimming Video

My Sweetie was messing around on his computer last night looking at You Tube stuff and all of the sudden I heard my own voice. My head popped up! Apparently I’ve been on You Tube since 2006 and didn’t even know it (or didn’t remember it). He had put some videos of the Princess swimming on there for folks that love us to see. I knew about them at the time (according to him), but had totally forgotten about them. Well, he played them all for me, and I got a little misty eyed. How fun to see our Princess almost four years ago just gaining her confidence in the water. How amazing to watch her and see so many of the mannerisms she still has. They’re just grown up now. How awesome is the wonder of seeing the person you just tucked in, but in miniature and with a higher voice. How annoying to hear my laugh on video – oh that was off point.

So that is the thing I love today. This video. Well, home videos in general. They show us how far we’ve come and reinforce that everything she was when she was little, she still is, just better. They prove that those memories we have really did happen. That they were at one time that small. They are just amazing to watch over and over again and wonder with awe that we were blessed enough to be given this little life to guide. Awww, I’m tearing up.

Anyway – home videos. I’m loving them today. Almost as much as I love the kid that’s in them and the man behind the camera.

Here’s one of the videos. ‘Cause I know you want to see it. Just ignore my laugh.

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