Finer Things Friday: Date Days

Many of you have heard of date night. I highly recommend date night. However, at the House of Hills, we really like Date Day. My Sweetie has Fridays off since he works Sundays. Therefore, he’s home all day Friday. Typically, I work on Friday and he runs some errands for us. But once a month or so, I take the morning off, and we have date day. Then, he gets the Princess off the bus, and I work until dinner.

What’s GREAT about date day? Well, for one thing, we’re not tired. As in, it’s light outside and we can have a conversation without wondering when it’s time for night night. Going out to a nice dinner is great, but at the end of the day, I’m wiped. On Date Day, we will usually go out for brunch, which is WAY cheaper than dinner. It also happens to be my favorite meal (especially if there are tasty pancakes involved) so that’s a bonus. Oh, and did I mention it’s during the day so we’re not tired. That lends itself to umm…other things… as well (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Today is Date Day at House of Hills. That means once this post goes up, I won’t be checking in with you for awhile… not on the blog, not on Twitter, not on Facebook. I’ll be hanging with My Sweetie. That’s definitely a FINER THING. He might even take me out for pancakes.

Date Days… A Finer Thing….

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0 thoughts on “Finer Things Friday: Date Days

  1. Love your oh. so. subtle. hint! 🙂 (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) I totally get you about being too tired to do anything at night. Hoping your new move helps out!

  2. Oh I love this point! My husband and I also try to have a date DAY… usually on a Saturday! The morning is spent together shopping or eating lunch and then the afternoon is time to yourself… he loves to clean/detail the cars and I get some time to read/blog… So when we pick up the kids we are refreshed and enthusiastic about being a family again! 🙂

    Happy Friday!

    • GREAT idea to have Date Day on a Saturday. We are so blessed to have these Fridays. Isn’t it wonderful to just spend some time as a couple!

    • My husband LOVES when I surprise him at work around lunch time. I’ll usually bring something with me, and we’ll find someplace quiet to sit. It’s so nice to have that couple time w/o little people running around!

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