Losing It!: Update 03.12.10

It’s Friday again (not sure how that happened so quickly) and time to check in on how I’m “Losing It -and not just my sanity.” However, I think I lost more sanity than weight this week, but alas.

Okay friends, anyone remember what I was supposed to work on this week? Anyone? Anyone? Did you read last week’s post? Yes! Then you know I was supposed to add exercise to the program. Ummmm…. ya, about that. I do now own some exercise DVDs thanks to my fabulous step-mother-in-law. You know, the same one who got me the Food Loop. She’s pretty good at the practical gifts. Love that. Anyway, she sent me a set of her favorite exercise DVDs, POWER FIT.

I got them in the mail on Wednesday, and the Princess and I put the first one in. For many of you, this would have been too easy. For me, kicked my butt. Well, rather my hamstrings. They HURT the next day. Guess that means I did something right. Did I exercise again on Thursday? NOPE. Of course not. I had set the alarm to go off early enough to exercise and promptly hit snooze when it sounded. Not even hit snooze – set it for thirty minutes later. LOSER alert! Seriously people. DVDs delivered to my door, and I can’t get myself up to do them. Ridiculous I say! Can you tell I’m a little annoyed with myself. However, I’m still sitting here typing and not exercising. **Sigh**

Let’s see how I did on my goals as a whole:

1. Drink 8 glasses of water a dayNO PROBLEM!

2. One sweet treat a dayNO PROBLEM! Well, was almost a problem on Thursday, but I curbed it. I am also making sure I put any sweets in my calorie count. And, anyone that knows me knows that this not being a problem is an act of God. I’m not kidding. He is so helping me out here.

3. Nothing Deep Fried – Only slipped once when I ordered a salad that had chicken tenders on it. I hadn’t thought it through.

4. Exercise 4 out of 7 days – Ummmm… see above.

Again, which goal needs work – that exercise goal. The bane of my existence. Uggh!

Weight Loss – 1.5 pounds. Not bad, but not as good as last week. Need to watch what kind of calories I’m putting in my mouth. And, I had several work restaurant lunches this week – HARD to watch calories then.

I overall am feeling better than I did before I cut out sweets, Diet Coke, and various other yucky stuff. I am listening more to my body and only eating when I’m actually hungry rather than when I feel like eating. This is huge for me. I’m a big emotional and boredom eater. Those are all bonuses for me!

UPDATE: I wrote the above Thursday night. This morning, I DID get up and exercise for 20 minutes. My legs and arms hurt, but I’m VERY proud of myself. Now, let’s see if I can keep it up!

Check in at Giving Up on Perfect to see how the rest of the Losing It! ladies are doing. I’m going to go cheer them on.

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  1. first of all…No longer allowed to use the word loser. Will have to institute “you owe me a quarter” every time you use it! Second…you lost 1.5 lbs and that is awesome!!! That should be the norm…not the exception! you are doing great and the exercise will get easier…you are allowed to give yourself some time to adjust:) PS. I’m proud of you!!!

  2. It looks like you had a great week! I know how you feel with the exercise DVDs. I started the Sport Active exercise program on the Wii in December and the “easy” setting kicked my bottom. After a month or two I was able to move up to “difficult” but I fell off the wagon in early February and I haven’t done it since. I really need to start again.

  3. I am proud of you too. The purple band will get you. They are not easy. They produce quick results and at least you only do them for 20 minutes. You are doing well and need to pat yourself on the back for trying them. I would do it if I were there.

  4. Do those exercises include stretches when you are done? Critical to feeling better and to making best use of that hard work.

    Congratulations on your progress. Your two week total is fabulous! Don’t forget that.

  5. The exercise thing is hard. I like the actual activity, but the changing clothes and making time and getting covered in sweat and all that? I can do without that part. 🙂

    You’re doing GREAT, and you’re an inspiration to me – with or without exercise!

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