Losing It: Update 03.19.10

I’ve been counting calories for three weeks. WOW! That’s a long time for me to do anything that has to do with weight control. Three weeks! I’m proud of that. I’m even prouder that I feel like it’s actually getting easier. Easier to eat the right things. Easier to avoid the sweets. Easier to think of this more as a lifestyle change than torture.

It wasn’t an eventful week. No REALLY tough days. I had a few spots where I had to stop and pray. Pray for wisdom. Pray for strength. ANd, then the desire for the entire bag of peanut butter cups was curbed. I only had one little mini one. Just one.

Someone brought this INSANE chocolate cake to work this week. I mean it was insane. For the ATLers, it was from The Marietta Diner, which is apparently known for their amazingly HUGE cakes. It was chocolate. My favorite. Three weeks ago, I would have eaten a huge slice and enjoyed every second of it. This week, I ate two bites (which is all I had cut for myself) and felt SICK. Literally! My body did NOT like it. That was EXTREMELY eye opening.

Another amazing thing! My Crohns Disease is happier than it has been in a long time. I’ve been fooling myself for years thinking that what I was experiencing was “normal” for my disease. Food choices had nothing to do with it. HA! HA I say! Food choices have nothing to do with a digestive disease. Please. (Can you hear my own sarcasm at myself!) By removing sodas, sweets, and fried foods from my diet, my tummy (read that as entire intestinal tract) is SO MUCH HAPPIER!

I think that’s my biggest takeaway from this week. I don’t think I’ve lost much more this week, but I feel SO MUCH BETTER. And that makes it a winner week.

Let’s look at the GOALS:

1. 8 glasses of water – ABSOLUTELY! I didn’t have anything but water (and lots of it) this week.

2. One sweet treat a day – ABSOLUTELY! Most days – none

3. Nothing Deep Fried – ABSOLUTELY! Nada

4. Exercise – **sigh** Again, my nemesis. Again.

Weight Loss this week: NONE – But, I’m okay with that. I lost so much the first week that I knew I’d stop losing with just food control at some point. Now, I REALLY need to add the exercise!

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15 thoughts on “Losing It: Update 03.19.10

  1. I’m so glad that changing your eating is helping you feel better! I have found that by including my family in my exercising, it makes it easier to get it done. We are all doing the Couck 2 5K program by Cool Running and we’re enjoying it!

  2. I think you’re doing fantastic. And the fact that you are feeling better DOES make you a winner. I’ve noticed that when I over eat it affects me much more now. Case in point, I went to a party this evening and had TWO pieces of fudge cake WITH ice cream. Oh, and some chips and dip too. All weaknesses of mine! ( How dare they serve that stuff??) I felt disgusting afterward.
    I have a surprise b-day party tomorrow to attend. I learned my lesson this evening!

    Keep up the good work!

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