Losing It! Update: 04.16.10

We are on week eight of this here challenge. Eight weeks of a different kind of lifestyle. WOW! That’s a really long time for me to adhere to any weight loss plan. But this time it’s different. It’s a lifestyle change.

I have to keep telling myself that – daily.

It’s not punishment. It’s a lifestyle change.

It’s never going to be over. It’s a lifestyle change.

You can’t have those brownies. It’s a lifestyle change.

You must get on the treadmill. It’s a lifestyle change.

You will be able to love on your grandchildren. It’s a lifestyle change.

Amazingly, I’m still okay with it. In fact, I’ve started to look forward to my NIGHTLY treadmilling (is that a word?). I’m up to 30 minutes, which is GREAT as I started at 15 and thought I was going to die. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m probably going to have to shower twice a day. (My hair is REALLY thick. Washing it twice in one day is not fun. And, it takes forever to dry. And, apparently, I can whine about just about anything for goodness sakes.)

Some other AMAZING news this week! I get bloodwork done pretty regularly because of the drugs I’m on for my Crohn’s Disease. Well, the doctor had been concerned because my sugars were consistently high. As in pre-diabetic high. I retested after fasting last week and came through fine! Whew! Just another reason to keep up this lifestyle change. My body is happier this way. MUCH HAPPIER!

I’ve now been consistent on all the GOALS I set for myself for this challenge. And, they have become goals that I will adhere to for the rest of my life (I pray). That’s pretty amazing.

Here are my current stats:
This week’s loss: 2 pounds
Total loss: 14 pounds
Percentage lost: 6.3%
I’m a quarter of the way to my goal. That’s pretty cool for eight weeks!

Next week is going to be SUPER HARD! It’s the week before conference when the stress at the office is so thick you can feel it. The stress carb loading has already begun. Everyone is munching all the time. I’ve got a plan. I’ve just go to stick to it. Basically, I’m only allowed to eat what is in my lunchbox. Praying that I’m able to sustain. There is bound to be some yummy stuff floating around. ‘Cause we all share the stress…and the food…at conference time.

How do you keep yourself from carb loading during stressful times? I need all the ideas I can get!

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19 thoughts on “Losing It! Update: 04.16.10

  1. So proud of you!! VERY TRUE…eat only from the lunch box. It will help you stay on track. Good luck at your conference.

  2. Your results are amazing. If I want something sweet I will try fruit with a teaspoon of almond butter or peanut butter. It seems to make me be able to concentrate more and makes me full. A small handful of nuts does the same thing. I know it adds calories but it stops me from wanting to eat empty calories which result in me wanting more empty calories.

    • I’m thinking I’m going to get some nuts for the conference to have on hand so I don’t grab a candy bar. That’s a great idea.

  3. Kathy, I am just so proud of you! 14 lbs is awesome. And a quarter of the way there is awesome!
    You are making awesome progress. And you’re right, it is a lifestyle change. Eventually it will start feeling like a lifestyle and not just a change! At least, that’s what they tell me :o)

    Keep it up!

  4. Congratulations on being one quarter toward your goal! And I loved your lifestyle change talking points. Very good thoughts to focus on during this journey toward better health.

    You’re right, you did have an amazing week and I think your idea of eating out of your lunchbox is a very good one. Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what you have to say next week!

  5. Wow! 14 pounds is great! I loved what you said about lifestyle change.

    It’s not a punishment. It’s a lifestyle change.

    As far as carb-loading goes, I’m a total carb junkie and that’s my biggest temptation. My only suggestion would be to drink lots of water and try to avoid your co-workers (jk about the co-workers…kind of)

    • Avoiding the co-workers – that might help. LOL! Actually, they’re bringing in Smoothie King on Monday to get us of to a great start for the last week. Surely I can find something “healthy” from them?

  6. Way to go girl!!! Great progress!!!! 🙂

    Suggestion: eat only what is in your lunch box, drink lots of crystal lite (tastes sweet) and chew lots of gum.. the sugar free kind. Instead craving goes away. PROMISE

    You rock!

  7. You are awesome!! Please keep posting your results even after the challenge is over. You’re such an encouragement to me. I’m getting there. Slowly, slowly I’m striving to make the change. I watched “Food, Inc” on Netflix last night, and it kicked my resolve into high gear.

    • Thanks for your encouragement! I really appreciate it. This blog has really helped hold me accountable. REALLY, REALLY helped me. I haven’t watched “Food, Inc” yet. But, I’ve heard it’s powerful. We’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, and that has been enlightening. Very! Thanks again for visiting and helping me out!

  8. You can do it this week! I know it!

    Your comment to yourself that “it’s not a punishment; it’s a lifestyle change” cracked me up. Why do we do that – act like doing the RIGHT thing, the HEALTHY thing is a punishment? Obviously you are rewarding your body, as proven by your sugar being lower. Keep up the great work!!

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