Top Ten Tuesday: I Know It's Spring

I live in the South, Metro-Atlanta to be exact. And spring has sprung here in a BIG way. (Actually, there is a bit of a cold snap tonight – supposed to be back down in the 40s – brrr.)

How do I know spring has sprung?

1. My husband feels like his head is going to explode from pain.

2. My daughter has to go straight to the shower after playing outside.

3. My car is yellow. (It’s original color is black.)

4. You can’t find Claritin on the shelves in any store.

5. My shoes are yellow. (They’re original color is black.)

6. When you are at the top of a tall hill and look down, you see a cloud of yellow.

7. We have a tissue box in EVERY room of the house.

8. My nose is running.

9. My eyes are running.

10. There’s a bit of a pollen issue.

Those beautiful flowers and trees we have here in the south. We pay a price for those.

Ya’ll come visit now ya’ hear!

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12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: I Know It's Spring

  1. Ok, totally has a different screen than when I tried to leave a comment last time. HOW WEIRD.

    And now I can’t remember what I was going to say…

    But this post did make me laugh!

    • I’ve never been in PA in the spring. Only the summer. Didn’t realize you guys had the pollen issue too. Those shots help though. Got them most of my childhood. I know I would be worse now if it weren’t for them back then.

  2. I started sneezing just reading this! Good luck! Have you tried rinsing out your sinuses? I do that and it really keeps everything at bay. Colds, allergies etc. The solution I use is one I got from my “nose doctor” back when I had sinus surgery. Take 1 gallon of distilled water and add 8 tsps each of baking soda and kosher/sea salt and mix it together in the gallon jug. Then rinse out your sinuses twice a day with half cup of this solution on each side. Use one of those baby nasal aspirators to gently squirt the solution up your nose and let it all run out. Oh, and make sure you head the solution in the mic for about 20 secs until it’s room temp/luke warm. Trust me, it really does work!

    • We do have the saline rinse that you buy at the store, but this sounds good too. I shall have to make some of this up!

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