He loves me. He really loves me.

We’ve been having one of those days, weeks, months here at the House of Hills. You know those seasons of life when you just can’t seem to get ahead. Where one thing after another keeps piling on, and you feel like you’re drowning. Where you look around your house and at your to do list and wish you could just walk out the door. (Not that I would ever actually just walk out the door. I mean my #1 strength on the Strength Finders test is “responsibility.” I’m genetically programmed NOT to walk out the door.) Do you know those times I’m talking about. Where you look up at the heavens and just say “Seriously? Are you kidding me?” Ya, it’s been like that lately.

1. My husband’s back went SERIOUSLY out at the beginning of Sept. Like ER went out. Like wasn’t sure I could get him to the ER.

2. We had just moved into our temporary house at the beginning of Sept. There are still boxes on every level.

3. We went on a cruise in the middle of Sept. even while my husband’s back was not great. Note – buy trip insurance. You might actually need it.

4. My child got the flu on the cruise.

5. My husband started physical therapy for his back. He’s not supposed to bend, twist, or lift.

6. When you can’t bend, you can’t put on your own shoes. Your wife has to do it for you. Humbling for both of us.

7. When you can’t bend, lift, or twist, you can’t do any household chores. NONE.

8. You never realize how many household chores there are until they are not being done by anyone but you.

9. When you can’t bend, lift, or twist, you really don’t want to be home alone with your child in case there is some kind of an emergency. Which means, I need to be with my fabulous Princess ALL THE TIME.

10. My Princess got strep throat last week. She’d only been back in school one week since the flu. That’s when I wanted to run. But, I didn’t.

Through it all, our marriage has actually grown stronger. My Sweetie tells me EVERY day how much he appreciates me. He thanks me for each thing I do. He tells me he loves me and that I am strong often throughout the day. Then, yesterday, he asked me to get a box out of the car for him (since he can’t bend, lift, or twist), and I opened the trunk to find this…

Proving that my husband REALLY does love me. And, even better, he really KNOWS me.

He makes my heart smile.

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3 thoughts on “He loves me. He really loves me.

  1. Your post made me smile. I understand the sick kid and wanting to run, my oldest started school this year and now him and his brother have been going through some illness. I’m ready for it to be over already. What a blessing that your husband appreciates all you are doing.

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