Top Ten Tuesday: I Love Thanksgiving Week

Well, it’s Thanksgiving week, which means I’m at the beach with my family. Every year, my family goes to the beach together. Every year, it is a blast.

I absolutely love Thanksgiving week. Here’s why.

1. Family – I’m with all my siblings. I love my siblings. I love their spouses. I love their kids. It’s fabulous.

2. The Cousin Time – I have an only child. Her cousins are the closest thing to siblings she has. I love when she gets LOTS of quality time with them.

3. The Food – we eat – all week long – like really eat. It’s wonderful.

4. My Sisters in Law – I don’t get to spend much time with them without the kids usually. During Thanksgiving week, we always find time to sit and chat after the kids are in bed or while they’re in the pool. It’s the best quality time we get for the entire year.

5. Relaxing – This is the one week of the year I can actually relax. We’re not rushing off to do or see something. We’re sitting for long periods of time. Lovely.

6. The Beach – God’s most glorious creation.

7. Extended Family – We get together with all my step-dad’s siblings and their kids. It’s a big party all week long.

8. The Sun – I love the warmth of the sun…and, yes I do wear sunscreen and re-apply regularly.

9. The Pool – Love the fun at the pool.

10. Family – did I mention Family? That’s the best part.

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