Christmas Cards: Which To Choose?

The time has come to upload photos and make a Christmas card. I know, most of you are thinking, “Um, Kathy, I’ve already mailed mine and you’re just now uploading?” Why, yes, yes I am. And, this is early for me. My theory is that if I get them postmarked by December 24th, I’ve gotten them out before Christmas. So, that’s always my goal. In fact, I’m a week early this year. Seriously.

Every since we had the Princess, she has been on our Christmas card. Shocker there, right. We have another tradition. Our picture from our annual Disney trip is always on the card too. Yes, we go to Disney EVERY year. It’s a tradition! This is last year’s card. Notice that the family is in the middle and then there is more of our cutest member. I like that. More of her and less of us.

This year, I’m going with a new company. I’m going to use Shutterfly. I’m very excited about the different designs they have. They have LOTS of multiple picture ones to choose from. This is this year’s Disney picture.

It will be surrounded by the Princess of course. Which one of these CHRISTMAS CARDS do you think this picture will look best on?

I’m leaning toward the last one. In fact, I’ve already started the project for it. It’s SO EASY to upload pictures to Shutterfly and start a project. I did it in minutes! Love that!

Shutterfly has cards for just about any occasion. I’ve already started looking at moving cards since we’re going to be moving into our permanent home in February. I need to remember to put that in the budget. They’re adorable! SO MANY different ideas. I could spend hours just clicking around the site.

So, tell me… Have you already sent out your Christmas cards? Or, are you like me and wait until you’ve got the best pictures of the year to put in them? Which one of these cards do you think I should use? Did you find a different one on Shutterfly that’s better? Did I miss one?

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  1. I’m not sure which one I like the best, but I think you look FANTASTIC in the Disney family shot. I’ve used Shutterfly too. Works great!

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