Top Ten Tuesday: Twitter Friends I Want to Meet At Blissdom

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ January 26-28, 2010Have you heard I’m going to Blissdom in a few weeks? I am getting SO EXCITED about this AMAZING opportunity. I can’t wait to learn from some amazing bloggers. I can’t wait to absorb all I can to improve my blog. I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET MY TWITTER FRIENDS!

Saying I’m going to learn is true. However, what I’m most excited about is meeting people who I stalk read every day on Twitter and some who even interact with me. So, here are ten of my Twitter friends whom I’m looking forward to meeting at Blissdom.

1. @MaryCarver

2. @AliciasTweeting

3. @SimplifiedSaving

4. @TheOtherMama

5. @Onceamonthmom

6. @DiaperDiaries

7. @HoosierHomemade

8. @SweetSadieMarie

9. @sthrnfairytale

10. YOU… are you going to Blissdom and I’m not following you yet? Let me know! I can’t wait to meet you too!!

Those are not by ANY means the only people I’m looking forward to meeting. There are so many AWESOME bloggers heading to Blissdom. I’m actually starting to get a little nervous…..

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8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Twitter Friends I Want to Meet At Blissdom

    • Of course you made the cut! For goodness sakes….

      And, no I’m not going to have to go see some distant relative…I’m just praying somebody doesn’t get sick. That is the only thing that will derail me!!!!

  1. I’m not even going and you’re excitement is wearing off on me. I honestly have thought about stowing away in your suitcase and heading up there just to hang out and have fun with you and all your bloggies. I hope you have a great time. You deserve it!

  2. I am thrilled to know that you will be there also. It’s my first year also. I attended BlogHer in NYC last August and had a blast. I think Blissdom will be fantastic – can’t wait! Where are you staying? I think I am going to stay with a friend who lives nearby…though it is nice to be in the conference center.

    One thing I would suggest to anyone who attends one of these gatherings: Have a business card for yourself. Whether that features your blog or just has your basic info, it is great to exchange emails, twitter handles, and urls for future communications.

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