Live Love Serve 01.08.11


Roll A Chore Soft Block: She Wears Flowers – @LivingOrganized tweeted this link this week, and I thought it was BRILLIANT! My Princess might be a bit too old for this method, but then again maybe not. And, the how to is SO GREAT I think I might even be able to do it. If you have preschoolers, be sure to check this out for help with chores.

The Back-Seat Clean Up: Small Notebook for a Simple Home – This is a new to me blog that I will sure to be reading more of. GREAT tips. I loved this one, and we SERIOUSLY need to do this in the van! Start the year with a clean back-seat and organized car!

Put Together a Snowman Kit: Simple Kids – It’s no secret that I LOVE Simple Kids. Always great stuff over there. I came across this post this week, and we need to get on this! A huge winter storm is predicted for the ATL, and we need to be prepared for the fun!


Miniature: We Are That Family – Grab some tissues and read this. BEAUTIFUL post. Stirred my heart.

How to Pick a Kid Friendly Movie: Impress Your Kids – If you love your kids, you want them to only see what is appropriate. That is SO HARD to do in today’s world. Amanda gives great resources for helping you determine which movies you feel your kids should see.


January Collection Drive: The Mercy House Kenya – The Mercy House has really found a place in my heart over the last few months. I just can’t imagine being pregnant by force in a land where there is no decent medical care. Oh my! They are having monthly collection drives for Mercy House. This month is Prenatal Items and Pregnancy Tests. Can you spare a few dollars to help someone you’ll never meet, but NEEDS you?

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