Live Love Serve 06 11 11

It’s Saturday again! How did that happen? It was just Saturday – right?

I’m doing what I do each Saturday… sharing some of my favorite posts from the week.


Watch Kids PBS Videos On Your iPad: Simplified Saving – If you have an iPad (I don’t and am therefore jealous.) and you have little ones, you need this app. I love some PBS.

Corn Starch Goo: Big Binder – Have you ever made goo? No? What? Why? It’s so fun and SO EASY to do. A great time filler for rainy day. Or, in the case of HOTlanta, a day that is too hot to go outside.

On the To Do List: Kevin and Amanda – I stumbled on this post via Twitter. OH. MY. WORD. I want to bake them all. Maybe I shall. Of course, I have to bake first thing in the morning during the summer. Did I mention it’s hot here in HOTlanta.

Rhubarb Apple Loaf: Once A Month Mom – I’ve never baked with rhubarb. I wanna.


10 Great Summer Family Nights: Angela’s Analysis – Summer time is family time. Angela lists several ideas for some summer family fun!

Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning: Mario Vittone – A GREAT post on what drowning actually looks like. I don’t know a mama who isn’t constantly looking to see if their child’s head pops back up in the pool. This post tells us what a drowning popping head looks like. Don’t let your loved ones be a victim this summer.


Collect for Kenya: Impress Your Kids – Amanda is challenging us again to get our kids involved in doing something. I’m excited about this challenge and plan to participate with the Princess.

Kids 4 MO – An awesome website and movement that my friend Mom With A Minivan is helping promote. Basically, they need shoe boxes filled with love to give to children in the Missouri area that were affected by the recent tornadoes. The Princess and I sent four shoe boxes to Kids 4 AL about a month again. We’ll be helping with this effort too.

Did you read anything fabulous this week? What? Where?

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8 thoughts on “Live Love Serve 06 11 11

  1. I almost didn’t leave this comment. Because I struggled, and struggled, and struggled, on how to say this in the way that it would come out right. And it will probably still come out wrong. I have really enjoyed reading your words for a while now – I need new words – I heart your words – the last new ones I read were about summer camp. I hope a lack of words means that you’re just really busy with a happy summer. I hope all is well. And I will be back soon to look for more of your words. I heart the links – but I really heart your words more. I hope that came off sounding okay. I stared at the screen for 5 min. trying to figure out how to say it. God bless and keep you, and God bless and keep all of yours this day.

    • Craig –
      What sweet words of yours.
      Yes, I am lacking in words here aren’t I? I’ve used them up at work lately. LOTS of flowing words over there, but they aren’t the same as over here. Add that to having a full time job and a kid home for summer and a house to run. Not enough time in the day.

      I appreciate your encouragement and will attempt to get more words out of my head and onto here this week. The Princess is out of town!

  2. Thanks so much for linking me from your blog, I can’t wait to check out all the other links you have here! So glad you liked the post!


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