New eCookbook from Once A Month Mom

My good friend Tricia over at Once a Month Mom has a new eCookbook out called Survive Before 5: Toddler Meals for Your Busy Days. She sent me a copy to look at so I could tell you all about it.

It’s awesome! That is all…

Well, actually, let me tell you more…

The one thing I remember from having a toddler is that you are ALWAYS moving. Either chasing the toddler or getting something for the toddler or doing the laundry the toddler created or playing with the toddler. Meal time would sneak up, and if you weren’t fast, you had a cranky, hungry toddler on your hands. Not fun! Tricia’s eCookbook helps avoid that.

In Survive Before 5: Toddler Meals for Your Busy Days, Tricia gives us some easy and yummy recipes that can be frozen so you can do one big cook a month and have the rest of the days to play! She even gives a sample monthly menu plan for breakfast, lunch, and snacks that incorporates all that you made on your cooking day. Talk about taking the pressure off! I love having a plan. It makes the day go so much better.

The recipes include…


  • blueberry pancakes
  • toddler french toast sticks
  • fruity breakfast burritos


  • homemade spaghetti o’s
  • individual mac & cheese cups
  • corndog muffins
  • homemade cheesy rice
  • apple chicken nuggets
  • individual pizzas


  • frozen fruit cups
  • homemade yogurt
  • peanut butter banana yogurt pops
  • peanut butter granola bars

Some additional features:

  • A choice of preparing for 1 child, 2 children, 4 children or 6 children.
  • Grocery lists for 1 child, 2 children, 4 children or 6 children.
  • Customized labels for each of your prepared items.
  • Recipe cards containing photographs and some step-by-step photos as well.

It’s the additional features that make Tricia the amazing Once A Month Mom. She takes all the hard work and does it for you. You just have to follow directions!

Originally $7.99, Survive Before 5: Toddler Meals for Your Busy Days is on sale through Friday, July 1st for $5.99. Just use the code OAMM599. So don’t waste time going to get it!

I’m off to make some granola bars. No, I don’t have a toddler anymore, but we still snack here at the House of Hills.

Disclosure: I was given a copy of the eCookbook for review, and all links are affiliate links. However, we all know I don’t tell you about stuff I don’t actually like. All opinions are my own.


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