New Blogger in the House!

Last week, I told you that I had applied to be on the WDWMoms panel. We haven’t heard anything from that. Not that I really expect to. But, a girl can dream right!?

When I applied, it brought up a family discussion about what they do and what kind of questions they answer. Maggie looked at me and said, “I want to do that for kids.” Well, after explaining to her that their wasn’t a Kids Panel, she decided to figure out a way she could help kids plan their trips to Disney.

For the House of Hills, the planning of a trip to Disney is half the fun. We LOVE spending hours watching videos, listening to podcasts, searching online and just discussing what we’re going to do on our next Disney trip. It’s part of our everyday lives. One of Maggie’s favorite podcasters is Lou Mongello over at WDWRadio. She decided to write Mr. Lou and ask if she can write about going to Disney from a kid’s point of view on his blog.

On our way back from our Labor Day trip, she used Hubby’s iPad to write a letter complete with example posts and then asked me to email it. I complied.

Big parenting moment pause here. Did I think she would end up blogging for Mr. Lou? It was possible. Not probable but possible. Was there a big risk to her self-confidence? Yes. But, if she didn’t ask, she wouldn’t know. As parents, Hubby and I feel like we need to let her try whatever she thinks she can do (within reason of course). We discuss the possible outcomes with her. If she’s willing to take the risk, we’ll back her. And, we’ll be there to hold her if she falls (figuratively or really).

So, I sent the email, and we waited. Every day, Maggie would come home from school and ask, “Did you check your email?” Yes, I live on my email. Silly question really. Finally, I got an email that made her OVER THE MOON EXCITED!

Mr. Lou’s blog editor (whom I’m becoming fast friends with) invited Maggie to be a regular contributor on the blog. Her first assignment was to write an introductory post that told a little about her and what she would be writing about. Then, last Tuesday, my girl’s post went live.


As you can tell by the post, she wants kids (or parents of kids) to ask her questions, and then she’ll answer them in future posts. In fact, she’s writing one right now while I type this. Yes, we’re blogging together. I am SO EXCITED for her and proud of her courage for putting herself out there and just asking.

We have a new blogger in the house. And, I’m pretty sure she’s on her way to being read more than me.

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