Going on a Disney Cruise Again!

We’re about to set sail on the Disney Wonder for the second time and couldn’t be more excited! We sailed on the Wonder way back in the fall of 2010! It was actually our first cruise so we have MANY fond memories of the boat.

I’m telling you… there is nothing better than seeing this sign…

Disney Cruise - Port Canaveral Sign

And then going over the bridge and seeing this out of the corner of your eye. (Don’t worry. I saw it out of the corner of my eye because I was driving. Maggie was madly taking pictures every time she saw a glance of the ship.)

Disney Cruise - Disney Dream in Port Canaveral

Then, you finally get into the port and you can see the ship. Right there in front of you. It’s the ship! It’s the ship! The real bouncing in the seat happens at this point – even when you’re a cruise veteran.

Disney Cruise - Disney Dream in Port Canaveral 2

You get the car parked in the parking deck. You jump out and run to the railing and look at your home for the next few days. And, you’re just GIDDY with excitement. (Really, giddy is the best word. Overcome with joy works too.)

Disney Cruise - Disney Dream Port Canaveral

This just kinda sums up all the feels.

Disney Cruise - The joy

We can’t wait to have all those feels again in just a few short weeks!!

This time, we’re actually sailing out of Miami, but I’m sure the experience will be similar to the last time we were on the Dream (thus the pictures) out of Port Canaveral. We’re excited to try a different port and are going to be documenting our journey to share with all of you. Maggie has visions of a House of Hills YouTube channel dancing in her head.

Because we’re going back on a small ship that we haven’t been on in awhile, we’ll be experience some things as if they’re all new again.

For those of you that have been on the Wonder recently, what’s one thing we shouldn’t miss?

And, for those of you that haven’t sailed the Wonder (or any Disney ship), what would you like us to investigate and report back on? 

We can’t wait to enjoy FIVE NIGHTS on the Disney Wonder together as a family. Disney Cruises truly are our favorite form of vacation! Happy Spring Break to us!