Things I Love Thursday: The Princess Loves to Read

Today is the Accelerated Readers Awards at the Princess’s school. She’s finding out what I already know. That she is in the TOP TEN of the second grade for points. I’m not sure exactly where she landed, but I know she’s pretty close to the top.

This is her AR hat. They proudly wear their hats on Fridays with patches on them for all their points. Pretty impressive huh?

You know what? An award, an impressive hat. Those things don’t really excite this mommy.

What excites this mommy is knowing that her baby LOVES LOVES LOVES to read!!

That she’ll find a quiet place on vacation in all the cousin mayhem to enjoy a good book.

That she enjoys just laying around reading every once in awhile.
No technology needed.

That she shares her love of reading with whomever is around her and will always read to the younger cousin.

That’s what I love today. I love that my Princess LOVES to read.

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Works For Me Wednesday: You Owe Me A Quarter

A few weeks ago, the Princess and I were enjoying a Sunday afternoon at the mall. That is, we were enjoying it until I got totally frustrated with her about her whining. It had gotten out of control. Whenever she didn’t get her way, she whined. Whenever I said we were going to do this or that, she whined. I HAD HAD IT!

My Princess has life pretty good. She doesn’t have to share with any siblings. We make sure she gets alone time with each parent individually, nurturing those individual relationships. We make sure we have family time weekly, nurturing the entire family unit’s relationship. We make sure we spend time on our marriage, ensuring that she knows we love each other and that we will always be together. We make sure she knows she is loved unconditionally and feels safe. And, she lacks for NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING as far as material things.

So, when the whining had hit a crescendo, I felt like I was living with a spoiled rotten brat (who I had taken to the mall for an afternoon of fun for goodness sakes), and I was done with it. DONE WITH IT!

Upon the uttering of yet another whine from the Princess’s beautiful mouth, I turned on her and in a VERY FIRM voice, “The next time  you whine you owe me a quarter. I’m sick of listening to it. Now you’re going to have to pay me for listening to it.” She looked at me rather stunned. And, we went about our day. In no less than 20 minutes, she uttered a whine. I looked at her, raised my eyebrows, and she proceeded to pull out her coin purse and give me a quarter. No fuss, no whining. She realized quite quickly that whining about paying me for whining was going to cost her another quarter.

I earned $2 that day. I earned $1.50 the next. I earned $.50 the next. That’s all it took. Three days. The whining was gone. Well, it still creeps in every once in awhile. And then, she has to go find me a quarter.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had to do a crack down on a behavior. And, I’m sure it won’t be the last. The key with the Princess is to find her current currency. In the past, it’s been book time or tv time or computer time. Right now, it’s actual currency. She does not like to part with her cash.

However, it’s not the actual paying me the money that made the whining stop. It’s the fact that we both stopped and recognized the behavior I wanted to go away. I had to point out when she was doing the whining. It’s all well and good to say “Stop Whining.” But, if I say, “You’re whining. Right now. You owe me a quarter,” she recognizes the behavior that needs to stop.

When she was younger and I wanted a behavior to stop, I would put five to ten pennies on the counter at the beginning of the day. Every time the behavior was exhibited, I would tell her to go bring me one of the pennies. It always only took a few days to stop the behavior. Now, I will qualify that I have a “people pleaser” child, and one who has quite the conscious. She doesn’t like to be in trouble.

The other key to the plan was that I had to be intentional. Me. The Mommy. I had to pay attention. Rather than getting frustrated and just fussing (which is close to whining isn’t it- hmmm) at her, I had to remember to ask for the quarter. EVERY TIME! I had to be on my best mommy game. I had to be consistent. Without consistency, it won’t work.

But it did work for me. Just asking for the quarter.

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How do kids get sick so fast?

This was the Princess yesterday:

Hanging with her cousins after her soccer game. She played SO HARD yesterday. GREAT game!

Eating some FREE Rita’s Italian Ice after playing outside a bit. Did you get your FREE Rita’s yesterday. Yummy!  Then she played outside and played outside and played outside.

Finally she came home, showered, had dinner, and then…

We ran up to Brusters in our pjs to get our FREE ice cream.

The Princess had a GREAT First Day of Spring. The weather was finally warm enough to play outside. The neighborhood was full of fun and kids running all over the place. It was great.

She went to bed happy and exhausted. The perfect kid day.

However, at 2 am she crawled into bed with me complaining that she was aching all over. I felt her head. You could have fried an egg. Seriously!

This is the Princess today:

Ya, she’s smiling now. But last night, she wasn’t so happy. She still has a bit of a fever, but it’s not 103.5 (like it was last night) for goodness sakes. So, we’re spending the day on the couch. This reminds me of a day not over a month ago where we did the same thing. She’s having a rough winter. Poor thing.

Have you ever had one of yours crash like that in a matter of hours?  Crazy stuff.

Wordless Wednesday: The Project

Thumbelina’s Leaf Cap Shop

The Princess’s first “big” project that she completed pretty much on her own. I helped with a little hot gluing and a little taping, but that’s it. All ideas, color choices, and creativity was hers. She even took this picture (thus a little blurry). So proud of her. She got a 100%, which was awesome. EVEN BETTER is that it gave her confidence that she could do projects. We had a few tears of worry during the process.

Things I Love Thursday: Princess Swimming Video

My Sweetie was messing around on his computer last night looking at You Tube stuff and all of the sudden I heard my own voice. My head popped up! Apparently I’ve been on You Tube since 2006 and didn’t even know it (or didn’t remember it). He had put some videos of the Princess swimming on there for folks that love us to see. I knew about them at the time (according to him), but had totally forgotten about them. Well, he played them all for me, and I got a little misty eyed. How fun to see our Princess almost four years ago just gaining her confidence in the water. How amazing to watch her and see so many of the mannerisms she still has. They’re just grown up now. How awesome is the wonder of seeing the person you just tucked in, but in miniature and with a higher voice. How annoying to hear my laugh on video – oh that was off point.

So that is the thing I love today. This video. Well, home videos in general. They show us how far we’ve come and reinforce that everything she was when she was little, she still is, just better. They prove that those memories we have really did happen. That they were at one time that small. They are just amazing to watch over and over again and wonder with awe that we were blessed enough to be given this little life to guide. Awww, I’m tearing up.

Anyway – home videos. I’m loving them today. Almost as much as I love the kid that’s in them and the man behind the camera.

Here’s one of the videos. ‘Cause I know you want to see it. Just ignore my laugh.

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Things I Love Thursday: Girls Day

The Princess is out of school this week for Winter Break. That means finding childcare while Mommy and Daddy work. It also means a chance to spend some quality time with the Princess.

I worked from home Wednesday so that the Princess and I could have a House of Hills Girls Day. She was so looking forward to it that when she went to bed Tuesday night, she gave me kisses and said “I can’t wait for Mommy day.” So Sweet.

We did fun girl stuff. We got our nails done. She got the full mani and pedi – as in soaking feet, lotions and all. And she got pretty flowers on her ring finger nails. So fun! Then, we had a quick lunch from McDonalds (her favorite) and headed to a movie. We saw “The Spy Next Door.” It was a cute movie – lots of crazy Jackie Chan stuff, which the Princess loved.

What wasn’t really important was what we did. What was important was that we did it together. Just us girls. As she gets older, I want her to still WANT to hang out with her mom. So, we will continue to do House of Hills Girls Day on a regular basis.

I LOVE THEM…and even better, so does she.

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Snow Fun 02.10

Well, we did it. We let the Princess (who has been sick with the stomach bug) go outside in the snow. Her one wish was to actually be able to throw snow at Mommy and Daddy. That’s what she really wanted to do. The storm in January didn’t provide much actual snow, and this storm was all snow – she measured 3 inches with the ruler. So, it was perfect for throwing at one another. We had a great time outside as a family for about twenty minutes before the Princess decided that she really was tired and needed to come back inside.

I was so proud of her for listening to her body and not pushing it. We are thankful to say that she is sleeping comfortably tonight after having kept down water, rice, and a roll. Thanks to all who were praying for her recovery. We felt those prayers here at the House of Hills.

Enjoy the pictures!!

Snow Day * Sick Day

It snowed today in Georgia! Like really snowed. Like inches snowed. I know I got excited back at the beginning of January when it snowed and we had snow day. However, that was NOTHING compared to what we got today.

This is the view out the back door. It was BEAUTIFUL outside. Just gorgeous. Perfect snow for playing in, making snowballs with and for just general snow frolicing.

Unfortunately, this is my precious Princess at the end of the day. She was worse at the beginning of the day. But, even by the end of the day when she was able to hold down some water, she still wasn’t able to keep down any food. Like NOTHING. She tried one tiny bite of bread at the end of the day, and it was immediately rejected. For the first time in her life, my baby went to bed on an empty stomach. So sad…

She’s asleep now and dreaming of playing in the snow tomorrow. There is no way she’s going to be well by tomorrow. NO WAY! But, she SO wants to go out in the snow.

So, here’s the question. Am I a terrible mother if I bundle her fevered self up and let her have five minutes in the snow? She just wants to throw a snowball at Mommy and Daddy. And maybe crunch around the back yard. What’s a mother to do????

Finer Thing Fridays: Washable Lovies

The tummy bug has hit the House of Hills. The Princess had a bit of a fever last night and then woke up this morning with a race to the bathroom. This is NOT a finer thing.

See the Princess’s Lovies – her Beary and Bunny. They ARE a FINER THING. They’re washable!!!! They’re the TY Pluffies. And, they’ve been washed many, many, many times over the years. She’s had Beary since birth. She was a reflux baby so Beary ended up christened with bodily fluids often. He would take a bath almost daily. Bunny came along when she was about two, and they have been a set ever since. It is so helpful to have washable lovies.

Another FINER THING – we have a second set of Beary and Bunny. So, while the first set is taking a bath, the Princess can cuddle with the second set.

Washable Lovies – A FINER THING

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