Try New Adventures Thursday : Food Truck

Tried something new last Thursday. Yep, I had food off of a truck.

An actual food truck.

Parked in a downtown parking lot.

With eight or so other food trucks.

It was an interesting experience to say the least. It’s August… in Atlanta… That means it’s HOT! So, I’m standing in a parking lot with hundreds (literally) of other people getting in line to eat my lunch off of a food truck.

I’ve had food off a food truck before at fairs and carnivals and the like. However, this was the first time I’ve eaten off a truck downtown, in the big city, like they do on TV.

I was excited to try food truck food because I’m a Food Network lover, and I’ve watched all the shows. I know the behind the scenes… what goes on up there in that truck.

My observations:

1. Food truck eating is not easy for short people. Seriously, you can’t see or hear as well into the truck when you’re 5’3″ as say someone who is 5’6″. That makes it a bit harder to communicate with the sales person.

2. Did I mention waiting in line for a food truck in August is HOT!

3. The food was fabulously good. I enjoyed mine. It was served fresh and hot and just plain yummy.

4. The variety of trucks out there is AMAZING! You can get so many different types of food! There was something for everyone.

Will I eat from a food truck again? Absolutely! I might even venture away from the safety of just a burger.

Have you ever eaten from a food truck? What did you get?

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