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  • WDW Moms Panel : I Applied!

    Well, I did it. I applied for the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. Many of you that know me well are saying, “Well, duh!” However, it’s not that easy. Well, the first step isn’t hard, but the thought of putting yourself out there for rejection – that part is NOT EASY. And, I applied back […]

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  • Disney: Drive or Bus to the Park

      Everyone knows that the House of Hills LOVES us some Disney. Our last trip was in March to the Disney Social Media Moms conference, and we’re already itching to go again. Because we are Disney “Freaks” and love to shout about it, we often get questions from friends and family about what to, how […]

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  • Disney Tip: Rain Gear

    I’m currently at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration learning tons about blogging and hanging with my family at the parks. While I’m MIA, I thought it would be fun to share some Disney tips I’ve learned over the years. I’ll be coming home with even more! I’ve told you before about the backpacks I […]

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  • Surprise: The Reaction

    WOW! We had some serious traffic on the blog yesterday! Everybody wanted to see how we were telling the Princess we were going to Disney World for the Social Media Moms Celebration. If you missed it, we made a video telling the Princess SURPRISE and explaining what was going on. She was ABSOLUTELY surprised. When […]