Why did David pack his desk?

My awesome hubby posted this picture today.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 7.53.57 PM

No sooner was it out there than I was getting texts, tweets and actual people popping into my office all with the same question, “Why did David pack his desk?”

It was really kinda funny. The thing is, we pretty much live our lives on social media, and the fact that we hadn’t made a formal announcement was disconcerting to many. So, here’s our announcement.

David packed his desk down in the “valley” and is now on the “hill.” (For those of you that don’t attend our church, the majority of the offices are not in the actual church building. They’re up the hill in an office building.)

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 7.54.15 PM

Same church. Same department. Different role.

He’s starting up a new website (that isn’t up yet, but has a Facebook page) that will “take the care and service we give guests in Connections (the North Point resource center) on a Sunday morning and replicate it in an online environment.”

Translation. He’s gonna spend lots of time on the Internets. The new Twitter is @goconnections and he’s already on there a bunch. In fact, he’s helped several people in just the last two days.

We’re super excited here at the HOH to see what God is going to do with this. Pretty sure it’s going to be awesome.

Oh, and just in case you didn’t know, my husband rocks, and I’m super proud of him.



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Try the Green Stuff, It’s Delicious… sorta

There’s been much buzz on my Instagram and Facebook because of this green stuff.


The biggest buzz is because as a rule I don’t eat green stuff, at least not regularly. I certainly don’t eat really good for me stuff. Ever.

However, we got a Vitamix for Christmas. I’m getting old, and not any healthier. So, add those two together, and you’ve got me trying to get more good stuff in my body.

Last week, I decided I needed to whip up a batch of my Sister-in-Law’s (David’s sister) famous green smoothie. I first encountered this smoothie a few years ago at my Father-in-Law’s house. My SIL is so dedicated to this smoothie that she brought her Vitamix with her on vacation. Since she started drinking it (and exercising), she’s gotten in thinner and healthier. She still drinks it every day. My Brother-in-Law started drinking it, and his blood pressure went down. I’m thinking it’s gotta be good for more me.

I whipped up a batch last week after a trip to Costo had me bringing home the biggest bag of spinach I’d ever seen. I quickly realized that one batch is MUCH more than I can drink in one sitting. In fact, it makes four pint jars worth. Good grief! What was I going to do with all that smoothie!

I put one in a glass to drink, one in the fridge and two in the freezer. Then, I took my first sip. It wasn’t bad. In fact, it was kinda refreshing. I sorta liked it. I drank the whole glass and wasn’t gagging.

The next day, I took one to work. I got it down again. And, kinda liked it. I pulled the two out of the freezer. I took one to work on Friday for lunch. I actually looked forward to drinking it. Looked forward to it!!

Green Stuff www.houseofhills.org

So, today, I whipped up two batches for this week. The majority is in the freezer. One is ready for tomorrow’s lunch. I’m not really sure I know what to do with that. What’s happening to me???!!!

Below is the recipe I’ve been using. There is no real exactness to it. And, I have to give credit to my SIL. And, she’s tweaking a recipe she got from someone. So, thank you to whomever that is. It’s in no way perfect. And, you can tweak it to make it the way you like it. Oh, and remember I’m using a Vitamix, which can chew up whole lemons. You’d have to adjust to your own equipment.

Step One

  • 2 cups water
  • Cilantro – I used a third a bunch from Publix
  • Kale – a handful
  • Spinach – all the way to the top

Blend that until smooth.

Step Two

  • Banana – SIL says frozen, I use regular
  • Apple – quartered
  • Pear – quartered
  • Lemon – yellow peel removed
  • Ginger – a peeled chunk of root
  • Fill with ice to the top

Blend until smooth. I use the “Smoothie” setting on the Vitamix.

Pour into four mason jars. I use the freezer safe ones.

Let me know if you make it and like it. And, if you make tweaks!


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Book Review: The Tempus

 So, my friend, Holly, wrote a book, The Tempus. I didn’t know she was writing a book. (Obviously, we’re not BFF’s or anything.) But, when I saw on her Facebook page that she had written a book, of course I wanted to support her. I purchased it immediately. And, it went from the Amazon box to my shelf.

I mean, let’s get real. I read for a living. So, when I read at home, it needs to be something that I know is going to be good, something that will take me somewhere, something that will help me escape.

The book sat on my shelf just waiting to be read. Then, I started to hear rumblings from others who had read it. “It’s really good. I can’t believe it’s her first novel.” was what I was told at every turn. Hmmmm… I thought. Maybe I should crack it open.

When Mags wanted to cuddle and read one night, I grabbed it and started reading. I got to chapter three, and put it down…quickly. Not because it wasn’t good. It was too good. I’d gotten only three chapters in (they’re not long), and my friend, Holly, had sucked me completely in…completely in. I knew if I went any farther I wasn’t putting it down that night, and I had work that needed to be done. So, it sat a few days more.

Then, I had several hours to spare (Well, not really spare. I carved them out for me.), and I let myself indulge in Holly’s book. And, it was an indulgence. I enjoyed every minute of it. EVERY MINUTE.

The character development was fabulous. I didn’t like them all, but I knew them all. The plot kept moving at a good pace. And, while it’s Young Adult Fiction, there wasn’t too much mushy stuff. Yes, there are guys and girls and they like each other, but there isn’t anything that would make me feel uncomfortable to let Mags read it. Oh, and there are bad guys and good guys, and good guys you think are bad guys, and bad guys you think are good guys, and all kinds of awesomeness at the end.

So, if you’re looking for a book to add to the spring and summer reading list, I’d consider this one. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

And, no, Mags hasn’t read it yet. I haven’t let her. I know her too well. She’s going to want the sequel immediately. And, it’s not out yet. I’m hoping for an early copy… might have to become better friends with Holly.

Disclosure: Holly didn’t ask me to write about her book. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Yes, the links are affiliate links. 

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Mags on the Disney Stage

Have you ever dreamed of singing and dancing on a Disney stage? Ask that question to any Drama Kid, and you’ll get a resounding, “YES!”

My girl’s dream came true last month when her theater troupe won the National Performing Arts Festival’s coveted “Showcase Award.” That award allowed them to perform their entire twenty-minute competition piece on this stage.

Mags On Disney Stage

For those of you not familiar with your Disney locations, that’s the waterfront stage in Downtown Disney. Did you hear what I said. STAGE AT DOWNTOWN DISNEY.

This Drama Mama was in tears! I was so proud of her and the entire troupe. They worked so hard… and they won!!!

When they took the stage, it was a beautiful thing to see. 


My girl’s hard to see in this big group shot. She’s Agwe, god of water, so is in all blue with a blue headpiece. But then, the gods came forward.

DSC_0213I must mention here, that the gods were recognized at the awards ceremony. Each one got an individual award. Talk about some very proud Drama Mamas.


Then, my girl had her SOLO!



Look at her go!



And, um, if you’d like to hear it… I can help you there too… (forgive the quality – Drama Mama on the iPhone here)

Awesome, right?

What impressed all of us (and especially the judges) was how the ENTIRE TROUPE was involved the entire twenty minutes. Even when they weren’t center stage or in the middle of a big musical number, each and every one of them was supporting the other both with their movements and their harmonies.



It was truly a beautiful thing to experience. Seriously, it’s been a month, and I’m crying as I put together this post.

The troupe came home with the trophies.


But, more importantly, they each came home with a memory—one so precious and unique. Never again will they get to be on that stage, with that group, performing their hearts out. It truly is the memory of a lifetime.



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It’s been 15 years since I said “I do”

Fifteen years.

That’s how long I’ve been Mrs. Hill. I love being Mrs. Hill. For one thing, it’s much easier to spell than my maiden name. But, I truly love being Mrs. Hill because that means I’m married to Mr. Hill.

Wedding Pic House of Hills

I’ve been thinking of how to tell my hubby what an honor and joy it is to be his wife. I thought about getting crafty and making a beautiful list or cards or something like that. But, Christmas crazy is in full swing around here, and ain’t nobody got time for crafty.

Note to those thinking December is an awesome time to get married. Yes, the church is decorated beautifully, but know you will almost never get to truly celebrate your anniversary during the month of December, especially once you have kids. It’s just too crazy. You have been warned. 

Back to my dilemma. How do I let Mr. Hill know how much I love being Mrs. Hill? After much internal debate, I decided to make a list on the blog. We live our lives on social media anyway, so it’s the perfect spot!

Wedding Pic 2 House of Hills

10 Reasons Why I Love Being Mrs. Hill

1. I get to kiss Mr. Hill every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to sleep.

2. I get to hear I’m beautiful and loved every day of my life both through word and deed.

3. I get to watch my amazing hubby be the perfect father to our little girl.

4. On cold nights, my sweetie will lay on my side of the bed while I finish my evening routine so it’s nice and toasty when I slide under the covers. (I don’t like to be cold at night!)

5. When I go out with Mr. Hill, every door is opened for me, and I am treated like I’m a lady and worthy of being served. (I actually fought this for awhile because I’m “independent.” Ladies, let your man treat you like the lady you are. You don’t have to do it yourself. Now, I expect a man to get the door, and am shocked when they don’t.)

6. My man believes in public displays of affection, and I love that it claims me to him and him to me when we’re out – or even at church. (I love the shocked looks when he kisses my bye in church. We’re married, people. Get over it.)

7. My love supports me in whatever I feel I’m called to do. He’s folded more Operation Christmas Child boxes than I can count, done graphic design work for my job, run to the grocery for the one thing I forgot when I’m making a meal for someone. Whatever I need, he’ll do.

8. Mr. Hill gives me kitchen equipment rather than flowers to show his love. (Flowers make me sneeze. Kitchen equipment makes me happy.)

9. My amazing man is not afraid to do the laundry. In fact, during peak rehearsal season, he’s the main laundry doer. Nothing is sexier than a stack of clean, folded towels.

10. Mr. Hill loves God more than me, and I think that is the thing I love most about Him. I will never forget our first time worshipping together (at 7:22 at Dunwoody Baptist). I watched this man I barely knew at the time worship loud and strong his love for his Savior, and I felt comfortable doing the same while holding his hand. I think I knew then that this was the man God had chosen for me. Our faith grew in leaps and bounds while we were dating and continues to be the center of our journey.

So babe, Happy Anniversary.

I love you even more today than I did last year and a whole lot more than the day we said “I do.” I can’t wait to do lots more years with you.


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#GivingTuesday 2013

Have you shopped ’till you dropped? Worked your fingers to the bone getting good deals?

Now it’s time to type that credit card number in one more time. This time, it’s to give a little help to someone who needs a gift even more than Aunt Edna needs that awesome scarf you grabbed for her.

Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday began as a grass roots movement, and really got some social media chops in 2012 making a significant impact in the number of online donations.

I KNOW you want to be a part of it this year!

While you’re thinking about where you want to give you Giving Tuesday donation, please enjoy this awesome video starring one of my favorite people, Carrie Hood. My Maggie has had the honor of working with her both as a co-star and director, and she is truly an amazing lady. I love this video.

If you aren’t interested in helping out CARE fight global poverty as Carries suggests, I’ve made a list of organizations that I support. I encourage you to pick one and make a difference.

Operation Christmas Child: You all know that OCC is my biggest soft spot. I just love the idea of kids getting a gift. Even though collection week is over, you can still pack a box online.

Samaritan’s Purse: Not only does Samaritan’s Purse organize Operation Christmas Child, but they do amazing work all over the world. If there is a disaster, they are there in hours. Currently, they are working hard in the Phillippines.

Mercy House Kenya: I watched Kristen start this project through her blog and have been donating monthly to this amazing project from the beginning. They’re in the process raising funds for a second house in Kenya.

Food For Thought: This is a food collection organization in my community that we support every time we can. They do an awesome job keeping food pantries all around my county full. If you don’t live near me, find a food pantry near you to support.

Your Local Church: I can’t provide you a link to your church, but I bet you know how to donate to them. The local church is the hands of Jesus to many, and they can always use some financial help.

So, take a minute. Pray if you’re so inclined. Make a decision and give.


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It’s December First! Time for some Truth in the Tinsel

People. It’s December 1st! Can someone please explain to me how that happened.

Thanksgiving is over. Christmas is around the corner. It’s time to go, go, go! (Seriously, our schedule this week is insane.)

However, as the birthday of our Savior approaches, let’s not forget that it IS our Savior we’re celebrating. And, theres no better way to do that than with…

Truth In the Tinsel


Have you checked out this amazing resource? I first told you about it two years ago, and I’ve had countless friends do it with their kids and love the experience.

Amanda has even added  Truth in the Tinsel supplemental products like printable ornaments and a curriculum for churches. People, it’s just amazing.

And, because my friend Amanda loves my readers, (She’s the one who pushed me into blogging you know.) she gave me a coupon code!

Use the code HOUSOFHILLS for 20% off the ebook (not ornaments or curriculum).

Go ahead. Go grab it for your family. It’s not too late to get started and ensure that your kids remember the real reason for Christmas.

Truth in the Tinsel


Links in this post are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.
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Operation Christmas Child Party 2013

It’s the beginning of November, and that means two things.

It’s almost my birthday, AND Operation Christmas Child collection week is coming soon!


As always, we will be combining those two things  at the House of Hills

This will be our fourth year partying it up with Operation Christmas Child!!

In 2010, we had the party at our temporary house. We packed 89 boxes that day! It was so much fun!

In 2011, for my 40th birthday, our goal was to hit 120 boxes… 3 for every year of my life. We almost made it. We dropped off 110 boxes. I was so pleased.

In 2012, we packed boxes on election day in our tiny house. We packed 75 boxes to send to those in need. We also collected items for Super Storm Sandy victims. It was a great day!

This year’s party is on November 16th. If you’re a local friend, you’ve probably been invited to my OCC Birthday Party Facebook page. If not and you want to be, let me know!

If you would like to pack a box for my birthday and aren’t in town,  you can one online  at Samaritan’s Purse.

Here’s what I’m providing this year at my OCC party:

  • The box
  • Bouncy balls
  • Wash cloths
  • Toothbrushes
  • Crayons
  • Candy
  • Miscellaneous extras
  • Snacks and drinks

Here’s what you need to bring to the OCC party:

  • Age specific toys
  • Age specific clothing (optional)
  • Toothpaste
  • Bar of soap double baggied
  • $7 cash or check per box (have to put in each box) – or you can print labels to track your box online before you come by visiting here.

For more information about what to pack in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox, visit Samaritan’s Purse.

Be sure to check out this Operation Christmas Child Pinboard to help you get ideas!

This party has become one of my favorite days of the year. My goal this year is to do another 75 boxes.

Who wants to help me?


Contents on this site are ©2012 HouseofHills. All Rights Reserved. Please contact me through this blog if you would like to publish this content somewhere.
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31 Days of Disney: So, I’ve got a broken pinky

Broken Pinky HouseofHills.org


This happened yesterday.

One minute I was stepping up on the curb at Maggie’s Drama Studio. The next, I was falling ever so quickly towards the ground. I braced my fall with my left hand and felt and heard something nasty as I landed.

I knew immediately it was NOT GOOD!

I was whisked to the ER by the Drama Mamas where hubby joined me. He of course started taking pictures.

Broken Pinky HouseofHills.org

Major fracture of the left pinky. I wish I had a picture of the x-ray. Not the pinky itself because it was GROSS! My poor little pinky had totally moved over. Like A LOT!!

And OH. MY. WORD. did it hurt. My poor husband. He’d never seen me in that much pain.

Then, they gave me these massive shots to numb it so they could set it, wrapped it up and sent me home. With some prescriptions of course. Did I mention the pain? The insane pain.

So, I’m sitting here icing and elevating. And typing with one hand.

Making an appointment with the hand specialist tomorrow. Praying I won’t have to have surgery, but not real optimistic about that. Like I said, the finger practically moved over.

This definitely will slow down my 31 Days of Disney posts. I had big plans to write several posts during rehearsal yesterday. Sigh.

I still have lots to share with you. And, I REALLY want to share it!!

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31 Days of Disney: Streetmosphere at Hollywood Studios

One of the BEST parts of visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the Streetmosphere. These folks are walk the streets of Hollywood dressed like old Hollywood stars and are in character from the moment they set foot on the pavement. For a drama kid like the one I’ve got, they are the ultimate in entertainment. In fact, we go to Hollywood Studios not so much to ride the rides but to interact with the Streetmosphere folks.

Streetmosphere HouseofHills.org

When we went in December of 2012, Maggie REALLY got into talking with them. I mean serious conversations. And, they never broke character. Never. It was so fun to watch. In fact, hubby got it on video. So, go ahead and watch. Maggie even sings at one point in this one. Oh, and please excuse my obnoxious laugh.

While talking with the actors that morning, Maggie got invited to come back and be at “Glee Club” with them that afternoon. Now, we had Fast Passes to Toy Story Mania (the BEST ride at Hollywood Studios) at the same time as “Glee Club.” Guess which one we ended up doing?

Ya, we’re pushover parents. Maggie totally wanted to be at “Glee Club” because she was certain she would be asked to join in. And, being part of Streetmosphere is even better than watching it. We arrived with a few minutes to spare and made sure our friends from the morning saw her.

Streetmosphere HouseofHills.org

When it came time for them to pick audience members, Maggie was snatched up right away! Then, something we didn’t expect happened. I was chosen too! Ack! I can’t sing! But, I can laugh and have a good time, in I went. The hubby got it all on video.

Mags and I come in around minute 14 if you want to skip to the part where you know people.

Just watching that still makes me smile. We had so much fun that day just being a part of the Streets of Hollywood. And, we rode a few rides too.

Do you have favorite Streetmosphere characters?

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