• Cooking
  • Pi Day That Became Pie Week

    Pi Day was last week. Everybody knows Pi Day right? The day of the year that starts 3.14. That one. Someone got really smart several years ago and named it that so we could all eat PIE on that day. I think that person is brilliant. I love pie. My office decided to celebrate Pi […]

  • Fun
  • We are on #TeamJDC

    Remember how I said on my Fall TV plan that we were planning to watch The Voice because we knew someone auditioning? Well, he went last night and was AMAZING!!! Did you see him? Did you see the judges fighting over him? Did you see how charming he was? Love me some James David Carter! The HOH […]

  • Fun
  • Opera Time

    The hubby and I went to the Atlanta Opera last week. It was by no means our typical date night. But, we were together so that’s all we cared about. Since we had never been to the Opera before, we had no idea what to expect. We ended up having a GREAT time! We’re actually […]

  • Blogging
  • How to Dye Pasta

    Yesterday, the girl and I did a video tutorial for my “other blog” – the work blog. I narrate, and she shows everyone how to dye pasta for craft activities. You can dye rigatoni and then thread them on string to make necklaces. You can dye different shapes and then do mosaics with them. You […]

  • 30 Day Give
  • It’s Birthday Party Day!!!

    Today is the day! It’s BIRTHDAY PARTY DAY! The boxes are ready!! The supplies are ready!! There are toothbrushes… There are bouncy balls… There are plush animals… There are crayons… All that’s missing is YOU! Are you coming to my Operation Christmas Child Birthday Party? We’d love to have you!! If you’re not able to […]

  • 30 Day Give
  • 30 Day Give : Day 9

    Today I took my Orange Specialists pottery painting at Glazed and Fired. These ladies are AMAZING and an integral part of my team at work. Many of them live out of town but were in town for a multiple day retreat. I wanted us to have some time to just hang out and have fun […]

  • Family
  • Cousin Time – The Other Side

    Last week, the Princess had Cousin Time with my side of the family. This week we’re going to the beach with My Sweetie’s side of the family for some MORE Cousin Time. When we go to the beach with this side of the family, we stay with My Sweetie’s dad and step-mom’s. The kids have […]

  • Family
  • It’s Callaway Time Again!

    This was the back of my mother’s van last Saturday morning. Five of the seven grandchildren on their way to Callaway Gardens in middle Georgia. Last year, they took four grandchildren. Next year, all seven will be “eligible” to go. (You have to be fully potty trained and willing to be away from mommy and […]