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  • Pi Day That Became Pie Week

    Pi Day was last week. Everybody knows Pi Day right? The day of the year that starts 3.14. That one. Someone got really smart several years ago and named it that so we could all eat PIE on that day. I think that person is brilliant. I love pie. My office decided to celebrate Pi […]

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  • Pinterest Recipes – The HOH Test Kitchen

    I’ve turned my kitchen into a test kitchen as of late. The HOH Test Kitchen if you will. I’m testing different Pinterest recipes to see if they’re really as good as people say they are. I mean who are these people telling me something’s good on Pinterest? They’re usually not anyone I know. Actually, what’s […]

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  • Yummy Taco Cups

    My girl loves some yummy taco cups — at least that’s what we call them at the HOH. Do you ever make these for your kids? I mean, they’re really easy to make. Like minutes easy to make. You need: Tostitos Scoops chips Taco meat Shredded cheese (I use the Mexican blend.) Warm up your […]

  • Christmas
  • Recipe : Hot Cocoa Mix

    I was making another batch of Hot Cocoa Mix today and realized that I have NEVER given all of you the recipe! What? A travesty of utmost proportions. I shall now remedy that. What you need: Nesquick (21.8 oz) Lite Non-Dairy Creamer (22 oz) Nonfat Dry Mix (what would make 9 quarts of milk) – […]

  • 30 Day Give
  • 30 Day Give : Day 10

    Looking back over my 30 Day Give posts, I’m realizing A LOT of them involve food. It seems I really like to give to people in the form of a delicious bite. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me knowing that one of my spiritual gifts is hospitality. And, knowing that my love language is acts […]