• 31 Days
  • 31 Days of OCC: The HOH Loves OCC

    For the last four years on the second (or third) Sunday of November, the trunk of my van has looked something like this. Isn’t that AWESOME!?!?! The HOH loves OCC (Operation Christmas Child), and we’ve ushered in the holiday season (and celebrated my birthday) with a huge party right before collection week since 2010. In 2010, we packed 89 […]

  • Faith
  • Singing and Dancing for a GREAT Cause

    Last week I sent my girl to drama camp. Well, there’s nothing really amazing about that is there? But, this camp was different. See, my awesome, amazing, lovely, wonderful friend, Jana, lost her husband last month. He had a brain aneurism. In a matter of days, Jana lost her best friend, and four beautiful girls […]

  • Faith
  • Losing My Locks

    Friday was the two year anniversary of losing my Katie. This year wasn’t as rough as last year, but the memories of each hour still linger and tears still rise. However, this year I celebrated by doing something special. I went from this : To this : All in the span of like 45 minutes. […]