Losing My Locks

Friday was the two year anniversary of losing my Katie. This year wasn’t as rough as last year, but the memories of each hour still linger and tears still rise.

However, this year I celebrated by doing something special.

I went from this :


To this :


All in the span of like 45 minutes.

And, I have this to show for it.


It’s getting put in the mail on Tuesday to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.

I started growing my hair after my Katie died. Not because I thought about donating it, but because I was too lazy to get it cut. Then, all of the sudden a year had passed and I hadn’t gotten a hair cut. So I figured, why not grow it out for someone who might need it.

The funniest thing is that for years I told Katie I would do just about anything for her but I couldn’t grow out my hair. It’s too thick. It’s too hot. However, after I watched her fight and fight to stay with her kids and husband, I realized I could push through and handle being uncomfortable and hot for a few months of my life.

So, I did it.

I grew it out.

I chopped it.

And now, I pray for whomever gets my hair. I pray that they know they are beautiful. I pray that whatever their circumstances they are surrounded by love. I pray that in some small way this donation makes a difference.

Someone asked me yesterday if I was going to grow it out again. Ironically, I wish I could. But, I’ve got too much gray. They won’t take it if it’s more than 5% gray, which I’m pushing. So, this was my one chance.

And, I’m glad I took it.


4 thoughts on “Losing My Locks

  1. Kathy – I gave my testimony @ HCA a few years, while my hair dresser cut off my ponytail. We shared a compelling story with one of my students who was a child cancer survivor. Our acts of service are for His Glory. And, I’m probably nearing the grey factor myself. Thanks for this part of your story.

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