Disney : Autograph Time in Storybook Circus


We had an awesome time at the Magic Kingdom this December. There were so many new things to do in New Fantasyland! The new Ariel ride and Belle experience were awesome, but I have to admit that my favorite part was Storybook Circus.

I know. I’m a sap.

I just love the fun of a circus. I LOVE the Dumbo ride. And now there are two of them!

Ya, it’s awesome!

The best part of our visit to Storybook Circus was Maggie interacting with the characters. They all reside in the Pete’s Silly Sideshow tent.


Daisy met us at the door and led us in to meet with her and her friends.

The entire family had a good time laughing and getting pictures with the characters. I love that my “little” girl still enjoys getting some character autographs.

Who is your favorite character at Disney World?

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  1. Grandma says: Reply

    I am editing photos from Disney for the photo frame. Little Mags and tiny Ella meeting the characters!!

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