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If you follow me on Instagram (@kathill29), Twitter (@kathill) or are my personal Facebook friend, you’ve seen the hashtag #HOHGetsFit over and over again. You may be wondering “Why #HOHGetsFit now?

Well, God orchestrated an interesting combination of events… a perfect storm if you will. 

About mid-January, I was gearing up for the annual “I can’t believe my Katie’s gone” pity party.

For those that don’t know my sweet Katie went to dance with Jesus on February 15, 2011. Her birthday is the day after Christmas, and that day marks the beginning of the countdown to the anniversary of her passing. By mid-January, I’m usually entering my “funk phase” where I’m thinking and mourning. And, with that phase comes some serious digestion of chocolate and all forms of comfort food.

Anyway, this mid-January something happened that stopped the annual food fest. My daughter came home from school and wanted to go to the new gym that’s been built across from our neighborhood. Apparently, it’s where “everyone” goes. So, after making a few phone calls to friends who had coupons, we were all of the sudden members of a gym. And, I was paying money. If I was paying money, I was going to use the facilities. 

Then, I got on the scale and actually thought about the number I saw. It made me sad.
You see, it’s MUCH higher than the number that it was before Katie passed. MUCH. 

This is me in the fall of 2010.


And this is me this January.


Obviously, a bit fuller (ahem) in the face and other areas.

I did a little math (with the help of the My Fitness Pal App), and realized that I’ve steadily gained weight around the anniversary of Katie’s death. I mean, that’s not surprising right. Since I was eating ALL the time during this season, it kinda made sense that I would gain weight then.

This crazy realization along with the fact that I’d just joined a gym and my daughter wanted to workout with me was the catalyst for #HOHGetsFit. I snapped this picture one of our first days working out and gave it the hashtag #HOHGetsFit.


I put several more pictures on Instagram over the next few days with this hashtag, and discovered something awesome. I have a lot of friends out there that want to see me succeed, that love me, and that are willing to take time out of their day to tell me “good job.” I kinda love that.

You know what else I loved? I loved that by hashtagging my workout every day I felt more accountable to get it done.

So, the hashtag #HOHGetsFit will continue on. Hopefully, I’ll use it every day – either in reference to a workout or a healthy meal.

Oh, and this year instead of gaining wait in the days leading up to February 15th, I’ve actually lost weight. Eight pounds to be exact. I’ve got a long way to go, but it’s going to be a fun journey.

You can come along. Just follow #HOHGetsFit

14 thoughts on “Why #HOHGetsFit

  1. I am happy you are having fun. You have a great workout buddy! You do so many things for everyone else. I am glad you are doing something for yourself. We love you!


  2. I have been super impressed and inspired seeing your hashtag! I desperately need to do the same…I’ve gained an excessive amount of weight since having kids, but especially in this past year. I’m proud of you and thankful for the inspiration!

    • Girl, if I can do it so can you. I am LAZY, but knowing that I want to see my grandchildren (now that Maggie has finally agreed to have children – she was iffy on that point for awhile) has made me move it. I see a lot of people watching Netflix on their phones while they do their cardio. You could watch a whole new show!

  3. Many of us out here very much support you in your new goals but more than that ….. you have inspired people to get fit as well. Found a workout partner and she and I are joining Planet Fitness tomorrow!

  4. Kathy: you are awesome! I never ever worked out until the CrossFit gym opened and almost every day I’m surprised at how I like it more and how it’s changed me. You’re already rockin’ it, can’t wait to see how you continue!


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